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hi there,

I am almost done with my second grow white widow x big bud. so I am heading on holidays for 10 days right when my drying process is finished. is it a problem if i start curing without opening the lid for oxygen ? i am using the humidity control packs though. any tips?

Also I am trying to change the password of my allgrowers account and every time i open the link sent to my email i get redirected to a page that says it doesn’t exist or is private, any help?


Hi @Zahraa_Msa ,

Generally it is very important to burp your jars during the first initial 10 days of curing since the buds would ideally still be slightly moist on the inside and may cause sweating and resulting in mold build up.

This is all depending on how you’re drying your buds and for how long. If you can keep your RH around 58% 65%, you technically should be able to get away with drying for an additional 10 days with that climate, however that does seem pretty hard to maintain if you are out for 10 days.

Alternatively, you can use a Vac Seal Method to remove all the oxygen so that mold is unable to grow while you are out, it can also improve the curing results.


The first 2 weeks are the most important for burping… I would say not really the best idea… Besides someone else burping them for a third option besides Vic’s would be auto burping jars…

Fourth option for the future could be Cannatrol

Fifth option is the CureCork

After that I’m out of idea’s for you




thanks! unfortunately I live in Europe and we don’t have access to all these new technologies here but i’ll save the sites in case they change shipping policies

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  • (Get A Real Trusted [Friend/Family] To Burp Your :herb: Jars For You):

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