Harvest Delaying

Hello Team Grobo,

 I have a harvest date coming in twenty days.  I will be away from my Grobo during the drying and curling period.  Should I wait one more week (day 88), when I return before I harvest?  Will this be bad for the plant?

Please advise.


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Hey sproctor,

It would be best if you wait until you get back to harvest. We will change your recipe settings in our back end to have your plant ready to harvest on day 88. This will be completely fine for the plant.




Hi, that’s interesting. Is it possible to adjust the recipe like this during the whole grow? Is it also possible e.g. to use water for two or more weeks while in holidays? The weekly water change seemed like the weak spot for automated growing.
Can we adjust the recipes by ourselfes or do we need your support to do so?



Hi Scott,

Harvesting is a bit of an art. Your recipe end date is a recommendation, you will be the one determining if it’s time to come down or not. Here is one of the notifications for harvesting that begins on day 73…

"This is the week that I’m looking at my cannabis flowers on a daily basis, trying to judge if the time is right for me to cut it down and begin the harvest process. For me to make this decision, a couple things need to align.

  1. The pistils on the plant have turned orange/brown by over 75%
  2. The trichomes when viewed through a 60x loupe appear over 50% cloudy, with 20% being amber
  3. I am available in 3 days to place the cannabis into a glass jar. The drying recipe is very short, only 3 days and then the cannabis will need to be moved from the Grobo to the glass."

Enjoy your trip, your plant will be ready when you return!

We are not offering the user the ability to change the recipe. Not yet. If you are away from your Grobo for a couple weeks, this is ok if your plant is young. (Under 30 days old) Once your plant fills the unit and is growing or budding quickly, you will need to fill your tank weekly. Time to ask a trusted friend to babysit!