Controlling Temperature

Hi there. Have questions about controlling night temperature in the Grobo. How do I reach certain desired temperatures in the Grobo? Say If I want the temperature to be 20 degrees celsius at night how can I go about doing this?

I live in a hot location and have an A.C room that the Grobo will be placed in, so I thought for obtaining the 20 degrees celsius night temperature I could keep the unit door open and all the lights off(unit light+room light) and also cover any light leak spots like windows, and set the a.c unit to cool at a certain temperature that would help reach this target and have it maintain consistently in the unit for up to 12 hours.
Or is it not necessary to leave the door open, since there are 2 intake fans? Would the fans bring in cool air into the unit if there is an abundance of cool air outside the unit, without decreasing the coolness in the air as a result of utilizing the fan?

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Hey @CookieGrower

From my experience the Grobo is around one degree Celsius warmer then the air temperature outside the grobo when the light is off and up to 4 degrees warmer during the warmest time of the day with the grobo light is on.

If your room is 20 degrees your grobo will get down to about 21degrees, a great night time temperture. The grobo will pretty much climitize to its surroundings in short amount of time. Personally I would leave the grobo door closed at all times beyond admiring or working on your plant. Leaving the door open is possible invitation for some unwanted pests.


Hi @CookieGrower,

Keep the door closed is my recommendation for bugs, smell and light intensity. I echo @Azuri’s thoughts, in my experience the unit runs a couple degrees warmer than the ambient room temp with lights on, and about the same with the lights off. To achieve that dank purple that cool night temps can provide, cycle your room temp down to under 20 degrees celsius.