Complete change over

I’ve recently bought a 4 x 8 x 9 with a peek for more room for airflow and fans, filters, ECT are out of the way. My lights will be higher too. And I’ve got my 4 x 4 tent with the Growers Choice LED 420 will me moved too. I’m not taking it down but I’m not working out of my Panda :panda_face: room for a while.
Anyways that’s what I got going on. The room is so much better for airflow and to be closer to me is a perk…
I had 2 Autoflower failed in the last season. Some of you might remember… Anyways I threw the Coco Choir in front of my house and Lord behold. She came up grabed her fast and she in a safe spot out in my back yard.

She’ll be perfect in sunlight and I’m giving all Organic nutrients now. No other way to go. Anyways isn’t she beautiful :heart::heart::heart:.

And last but not least my last video here in this Growroom.

S2 E2 Today In The Growroom


Love the space!!! You sure have a lot growing all the time, do you harvest alone? :eyes::seedling:


Since you changed to organic have you considered trying true organic growing?


I get help watering… That’s it. My Purple Rain Clones are almost ready to start flowering… I need to start training them with my nets and do it right this time…
It is a lot of space just only 6ft… High sucks.
And I loose a foot of that. But I’m going to be flowering soon…

Recap: I found 1 red spider. See I had the problem the supply store told me (CAL/MEG) But I’ve always thought they were there too. So glad I found it before budding… Would have pulled them and threw them away. Scrub my room and pop something else up. But it’s an easy fix…


What do you mean…

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What is mean is why not make or buy Living Organic Soil

Then feed chlorine free water for many weeks only…

No adjusting Ph… No mixing Nutes… No Flushing

Example of Top Dress

Compost Tea Example …If you want to make them Dance Make a Compost Tea

You Feed the soil not the plant

My Example’s is true Organic Growing if you have any questions let me know


So for that product there u give them that thru there whole life span without balancing the water :droplet: or given them nutes :+1:t2::dash::seedling:

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How much and how is it used?

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How to make compost tea (optional but very good)

Top dress

you just scoop 1 tsp per gallon on top of the soil Example Worm Cast / 444 (all purpose) and water in

Top dress depends on how good the soil is but normally only around 3 times per grow


This isn’t the best video but it shows the general idea how to Top Dress


I didn’t see if he balances the water :droplet: or not he just poured it I don’t think :thought_balloon: he said it was balanced :+1:t2::dash::seedling:

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If your soil is good and synthetic free of products really there isn’t a need to Ph water but some people still do…

This is a better video on Top Dress


Thanks :pray:t3: for that cause I’m really interested into moving to that :+1:t2::dash::seedling:

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But if you are going to use PH up and Down has to be natural

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What do u do I think :thinking: :thought_balloon: the less chemicals the better my only question is since u don’t feed it nutes an stuff can the thc levels drop because of it​:+1:t2::dash::seedling:

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Possible yes but let me ask you this have you tried true organic weed before? There is so much more to weed than just THC never buy or grow a strain based on THC only… It’s to bad your not in my neighborhood…


Man I wish I was I would be at ur house :house: everyday :joy: from my knowledge I really don’t know but I’ve been smoking for 23yrs now so I probably did an didn’t know it ur probably right about the thc as well but I’ve been smoking for so long that it takes a lot for me to get a buzz :honeybee: I’m probably not ur average smoker :dash: when I tell u I wake up smoking it’s almost an understatement this is truly a life style for me :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


I understand top dressing. And this line will build good Soil naturally like if it were outside


Can you tell me witch ones you use and the price


That’s a lot of stuff in them buckets. It will last forever. It looks like there’s only 3 powders and you put it on only 3 time’s