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Day 2 of transition and I also took some clones …


She is looking really nice, I can feel the potential of this one. It is strong…

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Yea my camera skills don’t do it justice at all I’ve got tons of bud sites hopefully my branches become strong enough… bought a trellis net but it’s to big and I didn’t know it was going to be this hard trying to find magnetic hooks around me lol

What is the “transition “ you mentioned? Some particular phase of growth?

Stage 4 the stretch phase right before flower

What’s up y’all. Here are some photos of my second, and current grow, which on day 47. It’s a hybrid called Trainwreck. My unit had a couple issues when I received it, so the first seed didn’t make it, and this plant had a major growth stunt in the beginning, but the great people at Grobo worked out all the kinks, kept this beauty alive, and have me growing strong now!
Day 5

Day 12
Day 23
Day 34
Day 38
Day 42
Day 47
She’s not too far behind schedule (maybe 2 weeks), and is looking and smelling great!


@JBizzle, keep me informed. Beautiful looking plant. That is my next grow.


What a recovery dude


Yes, Awesome Recovery from Day ((Scary 23 :scream:)) She’s Definitely Blessed… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::herb::green_thumb::groboone:


Here’s a shot we don’t see often :point_down:


@Azuri how did that even happen. That’s super clear. Mine is always milkier looking.


Here my secret. Do the 30 second light cycle at least twice this gives the glass a chance to “warm up” and tip #2 you need to be straight on and level with the front. If you look at it from the side or if you’re tall looking down from above it doesn’t look as clear. :+1:


@Azuri is right I’m 6ft Tall and when I look at it standing up I can barely see but when I bend down I can see right into the unit. #weneedtallergrobos lol


This is my Grobo fluid glass

I have been trying to warm up the glass for 2 ½ months like @Robyn told me to do. Nothing has ever changed.


Hey @greenman

Is that the light that stays on for 30 seconds before switching back to regular lighting? Hard to tell with not actually being there it seems different.

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@Azuri, yes, that is the light that stays on for 30 seconds when I touch the screen on the app. The photo that you posted is the only one that I have ever seen other than ads.


@greenman @Azuri I hadn’t tried the glass in a while and @Azuri ‘s pic made me want to try.
Here’s mine using the app button, light was on for about 10 seconds before I snapped this pic. Taken with my iPhone.


@greenman definitely something funky with your glass.

Am glad to see that yours works. I would say that that is what it is supposed to look like. I must open the door. As far as the unit working otherwise, I’m very happy. My fluid glass has not worked since day 1.

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@greenman does the aerator work ok? I seem to remember they are tied together somehow.