New Grobo Owner

I’d like to begin by applauding the grobo team for a job well done! I recieved my unit today prior to estimated times. While I haven’t recieved my complete order I’m out of the gates and on my way to my first grobo grow, so thank you.

The product packaging is excellent minimizing the risk of damage during transit. Stephens YouTube videos are really underrated and walked me through setting up the unit. In fact, if some of you whom may not know that Grobo has their own YouTube channel with all types of stuff up there. I enjoyed the video that showed Stephen’s first grow setup. I would recommend checking out their channel and hope they add more to all of their social media accounts eg YouTube and Twitter.

Unboxing was easy, setup was easier. WiFi can be frustrating at first, but after a few attempts the grobo came online.
•tip - if you hold down the back button for roughly 10 seconds you can put the device into pair mode (green) making the process easier to get off the dreaded flashing blue light and into green goodness.

Literally unboxing to grow was ten minutes :+1:.

I can tell a lot a of work went into the design, both hardware and web based tools such as the “app” and the forum.

At this point, I would absolutely recommend this device to family and friends whom are not knowledgeable about growing or want a unit that eliminates the thinking, but small enough and sleek to fit into most interiors. This will be my first complete grow indoors so it’s very exciting for me to splurge on a unit as a birthday present to myself.

I did have a day 1 issue with the air stone and what i would considered extremely loud rattling which likely happened in transit, but was easily fixed before a grobo team member could respond.

The grow journal is a neat feature and I just got mine underway. All in all, I’m a happy consumer!

Thank You Team Grobo


Almost forgot pics


Hey @James,

Thanks for posting and for the kind words. I’ve shared them with the team. We love being able to help growers with their 1st run indoors.

Looking forward to following you along your journey.



Right on James. One bit of advice I’d provide, is to move your unit from the wall and espythe corner to allow for better air flow and to keep it from getting too hot :+1::v:


Appreciate the advice, feel like I’ve read most threads in relation to heat issues here on AG. Ive positioned my unit roughly 12 inches from the wall. Got my dehumidifier close by and a fan handy as well to push cool air in if needed. Really I have all types of tools for indoors from combatting heat to adding humidity, but have yet to buy a water chiller and hope never to have to as it appears any of them that have any value are 300$+.

I have a secondary fridge that I have kept my distilled water in at a hair below the suggested temps. I also keep my AC on at 73 degrees half of the year.

As for keeping the water cool during veg and more importantly flower - has anyone tried freezing a small water bottle and adding it to the water? I mean a completely sealed frozen water bottle.

I feel like that will be a very inexpensive fix, although difficult to keep temps at precise levels. Of course removing any labels and glue from the outside of the water bottle/ sanitizing it properly before entering the fill tank. - just a thought

Also, am I supposed to be able to see into the grobo when I click the window option in the “app”? Here is what mine looks like (pink fog) can’t really see inside


Tried the frozen water bottle thing, and it made things worse. Reason being, the temp fluctuates way too much! And you have to keep changing them constantly because they thaw so quickly. Hence the chiller.

I never bother with trying to look through the door. Can’t really see anyway. I like close up and personal so if there is an issue developing, I can catch it quickly :+1::joy::v:


I want to send my Grobo buddy a big Congratulations!!!
Happy Growing!!!


It’s beautiful thanks! You too bud, exciting times :seedling:


@James, Now if we can just get our “we own a Grobo badge” we can blow out the :candle: candles!


Hey @James

Follow down from my post here, this will give you some insight into your opaque door. :+1:


@Azuri for the win, thanks

Much better, just like the old lady, just needed a little heating up :+1::joy:


All the background is white as well once you have a plant for contrast you’ll see it better. :+1:


Thanks man


Happy for you and The Crippled Chicken. You have me hype for my Grobo. Can’t wait to get ut and start growing. Cheers!



New Grobo Owner







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I was looking for placement recommendations. Are there space requirements? Clearance requirements around the unit?


Hello there sonny, if you have a basement or cool dry area that would be best. Barring that find the coolest driest spot. Try to give her some breathing room as well, a foot or two from any wall to ensure good airflow. Also for when you might need to add things like a chiller or humidifier etc. I’d make sure you have some hydroguard in hand just in case your plant starts to develop root rot. Good luck :four_leaf_clover::+1::v: