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Let me know what you use and how it works out!

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Day 22


Disappointing results. This is the main cola and though it’s the best of the plant, the buds are very light and airy. I’ve set them in jars to cure but not sure if I’ll get anything useful. I’m interested in any thoughts about how to use this meager bud and how get a better result next time.
Also interested to know if I need to do anything to prep the Grobo for another grow, like cleaning. Photo of current condition below.
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Hey bud. Haven’t done my harvest yet.
Are you going to grow the same strain again?
It might be your strain it might not be hence the question.
Stephen has cleaning videos up on the main splash page you can watch and read but yes clean your grobo. You could have problems if you dont.
What was the total weight of the harvest?
The strain in growing says 550g per sq meter outdoors or 500 indoors. I suspect I’ll get a lot less than that myself but haven’t done the math as its low priority to me.

Jump into a fast growing strain to see if maybe it was just that particular strain of plant.


The weight including all the stems attached while hung to dry was about 30 grams after 3 days drying in the Grobo. Probably half that after trimming off the stems, but I didn’t weigh cause it seems to be so little as to not be worth it.

Current plan for my next grow is a different strain–Northern Lights auto flower. The strain I just harvested was Dwarf Low Flyer.

In the new Oklahoma medical marijuana market there are also lots of seeds for sale I could try, but I don’t think the growers are on Grobo’s lists and thus they likely won’t have recipes.

Thanks for the cleaning reference, I’ll check it out.


How much foliation did you leave on the plant? What were the temps reaching at night/day?

I know there is a direct correlation between how much of a temp difference there is at night that affects bud structure … also things like warm nights can elongate nodes and affect tightness. Also those auto strains are crossed with ruderalis and in my personal experience with autos grown by many others is that the buds just don’t compare to the normal seed. But again that’s my experience. If I were you next run I’d try a femized seed or regular . Also try some lst to allow for more light to hit the bud sites… it’s seams as if they didn’t get enough light. Maybe there wasn’t enough wind in your unit for that particular strain…

In my unit I allow an oscillating fan to run for 30-40 minutes twice a day. Cannabis is a wind pollinated plant there fire reacts to the wind by producing more buds because it knows pollen is supposed to come in the wind … try fanning your next grow a little bit if you use the same strain.

So many factors but it orobky comes down to genetics. Probly just got a pheno that grows in such ways


@Cornholio hey Gregg in with chris…try not to use auto flowers there not designed for the grobo. Feminized are best because it will go into flowering when you change the light cycle.
It definitely sounds like a combination of a few things so I think you’ll get a better 2nd harvest out of a northern lights. Keep us posted

Day 23


Hey @Cornholio,

Disappointing results to be sure. If you are interested, using the grow journal feature is super helpful to getting input on your grow as it is in progress. The community and I can give advice on training, extending schedules, genetics and the like. We can certainly increase your yield on this next round. I’m not a fan of Crop King seed either, and would steer you to something feminized to offer the best yield.


Hi @wayne,

Looking good, we may want to add a bit of time to your schedule if she doesn’t blast off in the next couple weeks. Shoot a ticket over to and request a couple extra weeks in stage 3.


Day 23


So for my next grow do you think I would be better off using the Northern Lights auto from Crop Kings, or picking up a feminizes seed that you do not have a recipe for? I don’t know of other options that work for me because the other online sources of seeds I’ve found do not accept credit cards. I don’t feel comfortable with the bank transfer process so prefer buying with a credit card. I can buy feminized seeds locally now but not from suppliers on your list.

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Where do you live corn?


Pick up a feminised strain that you like and let me know what your top choices are. I can steer you towards an appropriate/similar recipe to get you started. I’ll be adding more recipes soon, so we can switch you over then.

What is available locally? I’m curious…


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One of the dispensaries is offering seeds from Mother’s Finest Seed Co. That shop is the only one listing a menu online that specifies the source that I’ve found so far. If you care to look it is Ye Olde Apothecary Shoppe in Tulsa OK, menu available on Weedmaps.

I wish I could be more help. Haven’t been following the rules in USA so not sure on options. I have ordered once via debit/ e transfer and ince via cc. I only received one order so I hear ya.

Tried to catch her when the lights turned off