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@Osage got any links to your leds would like to take a look at them
Might even grab some until
I can afford some really good ones

Oh they will certainly make it right @chris_barfield ! All hands on deck tmrw.

Yeah, I just googled 200w led ufo. That will give you some choices.

We are happy :smiley:. Growing up isn’t easy lol :joy:


Hi @Osage let me know how and when she does on smell if you could. I’m no where near that but will have some there soon enough. Curious about odour more than anything. Obviously users have a hard time smelling it like anytime lol

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Hey brother,

This little girl already smells. She is gonna be one stinky lady. I grew a strain in Oregon called trinity, and that is the only other plant I have grown which stank the same at this early stage. I have a 2x4 tent with two hurricane fans and scrubbers. I will also be placing one outside the tent to scrub the air coming from inside the tent every two minutes. This will eliminate all smells completely. Furthermore I have two ona smelly things in living room and hallway. Total stealth!! I’ve always had something going, but want the grobo for true exotics that can be difficult to grow in a larger environment. The dr. Grinspoon heirloom sativa for one, and some others. Peace


@Osage sorry for asking but what are scrubbers?

No mate, my fault. Scrubbers are charcoal filters to clean the air. Look up phresh filters and you will understand. Sorry for the co fusion! I sometimes forget some of us haven’t much experience growing. I’ve been doing so for 20 + years.

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Just got my girl today. The packaging was a bit f’d up as you can see. I will try and upload the unboxing now if not able I’ll show pics and ask support how to get the vid up

Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…


I don’t think you can embed any video here. I would upload to YouTube and then post a link here. Enjoy the grobo what are you growing first?


@Osage got mine too! Still in the box.
Are you starting today?

Anything I should do or get before opening?


Growing white widow X big bud. Will start today if I can get everything sorted.



I would highly recommend shooting an unboxing vid just in case! You never know.


@Gatorsfn28 @Osage

Gents, keep in mind the day you start your grow every 7 days you will be pompted to drain and fill. You guys start today every Friday at 11:00pm EST the notification will come in.

Happy Growing!


@Azuri is there a day or time you recommend?

How much distilled water should I buy?

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Time doesn’t matter, notifications come out at 11:00pm EST. You don’t have to react right away or be there it’s just the time they come in.

I use two 4L jugs and a bit each week so budget for that. First fill have three 4L jugs ready and then always make sure you have some in for furture drain and fills.


@Azuri I was planning on setting up and getting everything ready. I will soak my bean in a solo cup of ro water I will be using and then planting her tomorrow. I figure Saturday is a good day to do water changes. But yeah, good point. @Gatorsfn28 if you can get reverse osmosis water it will probably use less nutes.


I wonder if they will allow you to change your start time. Like mine is 8pm everyday stats a new day technically for my grobo wonder if they will option to change that I’d much rather do all my draining and filling in the morning


My day resets at 8:00pm EST as well.

I get my notifications for drain/fill at 8pm my time as well. Sometimes this isn’t always convenient. I just wait and do it the next morning :+1:t4::slightly_smiling_face: