Cold temperature

Hi friends! We’re about to go through a cold snap. Was wondering, at what temp should I let bring my plants indoors?

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Great question SterlingNico! Cannabis is similar to humans in that if you are cold or hot, so is your garden. Ideally you shoot for 75 degrees, going much over 80 will slow down growth. Conversely, letting a flowering plant get down any further than 55 degrees will also slow growth, but bring out some of those deep purples. Below 30 and you are doing some real damage.

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Are mid 60s acceptable during flower stage? Being in a cold region that’s what I’m getting. Don’t really want to run a heater just for a few more degrees

Same question. I live in the desert and it’s currently in low 30,s. I’m going to try to keep it between 70-80 with a heater but I’ve noticed the water is really cold.
Any suggestions?

Ps . The leaves on the edges are turning purple?

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During the day it gets to almost 70. That’s when the lights are on