Coco pod question?

Suppers Growers!?
I got a quick question on the coco pod, what are your thoughts on the fuzz that grows on the pod, is that good bacteria or am I fucked? It’s kinda hard to get a good picture of it right now with the light off, but I’m sure some of you know what I mean…thanks everyone! Stay healthy!

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Sounds like mold … wipe it off

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(CocoPodMold): (CocoPodFungus): (CleaningIt): (:point_down:)



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@Stephen said that is healthy bacteria.


@Mcmanis is right, you will know when its mold because it will look more like fuzzy and blurry Opposed to white and hard like bird poop.


If it is mold is there a way to clean it with out hurting my plant?

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Pretty sure there are several ways to get rid of mold but if you haven’t properly identified it as mold yet you could be doing more harm than help.
You can submit a picture here if you need help to identify.
Here is one effective way to rid a plant of mold.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide (1 teaspoon of 35% H202 per gallon of water)
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