CO2 experience wanted

So I have been debating introducing CO2 into my grobo from the top via one of these DIY kits:

A few questions I have:

  1. Is this kit a good idea or am I taking a huge risk introducing CO2 with one of these (i.e. is it dangerous for me or the plant?)

  2. I realize that this could mean that the plant will start taking in more nutrients and water than it would normally. That said, is the grobo smart enough to realize the increased take of nutrients and up the dosages?

  3. Has anyone else used a kit like this and if so what was your takeaway(s)

  4. Am I better off just talking to my plant a few times a day?


I highly doubt it would work. I feel like with it being a small space it wouldn’t have time to absorb the co2 and it would just get pushed out the exhaust. I could be wrong. I remember someone either tried or talked about trying and it wasn’t worth it I don’t think.

But you can also just make what you had posted. A guy I work with just made one for his grow room using pop bottles, yeast, sugar and water, I don’t know how well it works but he showed me a video of it bubbling away


That would be @James who experimented with the Co2 in the grobo. Haven’t seen him on here lately but @liddellOnus could always read his posts to find out what James learned.


thanks for sharing will read the above post…

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@Russel_Richardson is correct the co2 is not going to affect the plants in a grobo … light isn’t strong enough nor temps high enough for it to be effective


Tis why we ask. Thanks everyone.

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