Simple co2 generator

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I’m not suggesting anyone add this to their grobo because of the variables involved such as space, but homemade co2 generators do work to increase co2 levels.

I used one 2 liter and one small Gatorade bottle (the more generators you have the more co2 you can produce)

The only issue is the lifecycle of the generators. Typically last a few days (some say a week, but I see steep declines after 48 hours) which creates quite a bit of maintenance. I change mine out every 48 hours.

Couple of bottles
Using fish tank tubing and super glue
Dry yeast
Warm water (not hot)
I add some corn flakes and a little honey for food



A happy little plant just starting it’s journey

A little background

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a gas that fills our atmosphere, and it’s essential for plants to complete the process of photosynthesis wherein plants convert CO2 into energy. High levels of CO2 in a cannabis garden can result in stronger plants with increased yields – if introduced correctly.

The benefits of introducing CO2 into a grow space are well known and widely accepted. However, if you’re a novice grower and/or under a tight budget, there might be a number of ways for you to initially increase your yields before investing in a costly CO2 system. Make sure you first know how to:

  • Grow a healthy garden with a quality product
  • Prevent and/or treat [mold] and [pest] infestations
  • Set up a secure, sealed grow space
  • Use an adequate high-powered light system
  • Utilize quality strain genetics
  • Use quality nutrients

That ppm would be too high for a grobo as well the light is no where even close to being strong enough to be able to utilize the benefits of adding additional co2 to a grow. But a def a good read… and most def can be used under a better setup for sure been wanting to add this to my tents but the cost would outweigh the benefits for me …



In a “sealed” grow tent with a much larger scale like a couple of 50 gallon buckets (one generator, one filter/ just water) you can see significantly higher values and I agree with the lighting importance. My grobo is scheduled to arrive Tuesday and after I knock out a successful grow I may experiment with the same genes to see if there is a noticeable difference in growth. These DIY will continue to push the co2 even when the lights are off so that’s a negative.

I had seen videos prior and wanted to test myself to see if the DIY generators actually introduced enough co2 to matter and it does.

For other folks interested please keep in mind that high lvs of co2 are toxic to humans. This is a small scale and no concerns (in fact some folks that have been in prison recognize this as making booze). Invest in a co2 meter and make sure you have proper ventilation

I’m not ruling out the possibility it wouldn’t work in the grobo. Gotta get some true readings from the lights in the unit. Also note, When using CO2 your plants can handle a higher average temperature – around 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Be aware that if your CO2 levels are too high for the amount of light or heat generated in the garden, you will see your plants become damaged from excess CO2. Should be a fairly easy experiment. The only issue is I don’t have a meter to measure ppfd/par meter and won’t be buying one as the ones that seem to be any values in very expensive for something that won’t be utilized by me.

Found a nice little article from a reputable source Understanding CO2 in Gardens


Simple co2



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@James wondering if you have gotten around to testing CO2 and what your thoughts are on something like this kit from amazon:

I am not sure if this has a valve but if it did, you could turn off and on the co2 manually at different points in the day.


Not worth it … especAilly in grobo ppfd is not high enough nor the temps it would be a waste inside the grobo