Cloning from clone to clone to clone etc

I’ve been trying to find the answer to this question without success. So here goes. Say I plant a seed, grow my girl that I cloned from, and continue growing clone. I then take a clone from the previous clone. All clones get grown out, but I take a clone before that girl goes into flower. How many times can I clone a plant? How many generations of clones can I do before something weird happens? Kind of like when you make a copy of a copy of a copy on a printer, until you just can’t copy it anymore. In other words, if I can clone indefinitely then why would I need a mother plant? Which leads me to believe you can’t clone indefinitely, because we do use mother plants.

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I believe a mother plant is designed more for ppl who like to clone a lot for selling clones. Maybe. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I had a mother plant for years, but I never really thought about nixing the mother plant room and just take clones before I put her in the flower room. I think having a mother allows you to time your rotations, so you have constant and consistent harvests. I’ve also read you can clone over and over with little or no negative effects.


Back when I grew several plants I asked the guru at the time that same exact question he spoke of each clone you take from a clone as a generation and he swore blind on a number that he refused to re-clone again he said the genetics do break down, anecdotal. The number if I remember correctly was 7th gen and then back to the mother.


Hey Glen,

Yeah, it seems to me there would be some sort of genetic breakdown at some point in time down the generational line. Haven’t heard what that might be though. I just think i’ll give it a go and see how many generations I can clone until I see issues. I’ll wait for my Royal Gorilla seeds first though. Oh and hey @Chris Barfield and Azuri I did just get some seeds in from truenorth, and I did get Royal Medic, can’t wait to try that strain. Everytime I guy seeds, I get complimentary seeds from delicious seeds, and last one I grew (delicious candy) grew like a champ. We’ll see what happens. I’m just waiting on my Royal Gorilla, Fat Banana and Dr. Grinspoons to be available and I will be set for quite some time.

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Yeah keepinng a mother isn’t praticticle for me. Looks like a nice selection of seeds you have there. I really like clones especially from a harvest results that I’ve personally seen. The thing that intrigues me about seed growing now is the fact you get the large tap root and that never occurred to me until it was brought up here.

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Yea thats another way to look at it that you can have several harvest year round by having a mother plant. Only thing i dislike is the fact that you cant produce as much from a clone compared to seed. Unless, you have a lot of space to work with which in this case i don’t :pensive:. But, if i had a mother plant i would do a sea of green with a bunch of clones or eventually flower the mother plant at one point in time when she becomes a tree :heart_eyes:. By the way i also heard you can re harvest the same crop and i actually seen it done in person but was amazed by how the crop came back to veg after a harvest and did another life cycle :open_mouth:.

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@Osage the clone from a clone will work but after a certain number of generations of doing that the plants lose qualities over time … less hormones … from what I was told by a breeder … but that does t come till down the line …