Cin 99 Second grow

still have to get to the second fan need that stretch to lollipop

I just meant check the pH of the water, when it comes out or what’s going in just so you know.

If those ph bottles are barely being used that’s a good sign.

Root rot is like a brown slime growing on the roots, if the water temps are 72deg or higher for too long (without something like hydroguard to protect against). It’s probably not this but it’s worth peeking to check. Early signs are white goo on top part of roots above water, or brown slime covering the roots under the water (suffocating them).

gotcha going to check it next water change and about to check for root rot now… its in my basement so I know its not above 72° and probably not below 65° so imma def check the ph

The twisting is really the thing of concern – figuring out why that happened. It might have just been a temporary ph fluctuation that fixed itself. Besides peeking at roots I’d just watch for more signs of twisting in other areas, that means she’s struggling somehow usually due to pH fluctuations.

Edit: are there (large) temperature/humidity swings in the area the grobo is in maybe? or on certain days perhaps

what about the growth?? Eating stretch to second fan to lollipop

What day are you on now? Day 16 or so or a bit further along? That actually looks like good growth if it’s that young.

Here’s one to compare yours to:

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Tbh @vegetato my basement be around the same temp it may change if weather outside is above 90°

It was probably a one-off event if it’s not continuing. Just let those leaves die and snip them off and watch out for any other twisting maybe make note of conditions when you first see it.

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Looks right on time. :ticket:

OK yeah I’m on it. Everyday I look at my babies so I will be checking them daily…
Right on time @vegetato got me back right on point

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Here u go @vegetato


I think it corrected itself cause I don’t see the brown slime or the white goo


Those roots look nice and healthy.
My grow also had those orange stains around this stage but we cut those leaves off anyways.

The grow is looking good and what kind or water are you using?


@Ginseng I’m using distilled water


@vegetato, I have noticed that “twisting” such as this often occurs when leaves are in constant contact with the grow space floor or walls. @Thatguyb.y can you confirm that no other leaves on the plant are showing a similar growth pattern?

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@SWSVIC That is correct no others doing that just that one and maybe one more… but that what I thought it just playing on the floor bed of the grobo it just grew that way plus it’s at the bottom and I thought it would die off eventually…

This is not an auto correct? I would just trim them off now. They are certainly not benefiting your plant in any way.

Nope not a auto and will do right after work

The twisting I’m referring to is when it starts at the stem, not so much the leaf itself curling up when it touches the floor. The lower leaves were doing it and some of the ones above it appear to be slightly twisted as well.

As the leaves are touching the floor in the first place something is up (probably temp swings) but the twisting on those leaves (and the ones above) is reason to zoom in on that to find out what’s stressing her. That twisting is a sign of struggle somewhere, usually in the root zone and due to pH swings (which also can happen due to temp swings, or root rot, or additives, etc… lots of reasons).

Edit: these are the two spots I was referring to, the one on the floor and the one above:

It’s probably nothing since it’s not continuing but is worth keeping an eye out for. That’s an early warning sign.