Cherry Pie - ILGM Photoperiod - Second Grow!

Hey growers!!!

The best part of cleaning your Grobo after your first grow?? Smoking on some of your first grow while doing it!! My first grow in my Grobo was Granddaddy Purple from ILGM. Started growing two more GDPs and a GSC Exteme in my tent a few weeks later. The tent was ready quicker than the Grobo due to damping off issues early and light issues (damn thing grew too tall). However, the Grobo harvest has been the best out of all three plants! My tent harvest is almost a month cured and I’ve been smoking on it every day! Great stuff! Love Granddaddy Purple and am eager to complete the curing on the Grobo harvest (couple more weeks).

ANYWAY - on to the next! I germinated a feminized Cherry Pie seed from ILGM using the “glass of water method”… just drop it in water and a couple days later she grows a tail! Didn’t germinate outside of the Grobo last time, decided to do it this time. I also have some extra Mylar that came with my two tents (purchased a seperate tent to dry in) and I think I’m going to try to add some extra light with the Mylar this time around. Made sure my cocopod was plenty high this time to decrease risk of damping off. I’m going to add a fan immediately this time and also am adding hydroguard immediately. Grobo is out of the basement and in an upstairs bedroom now which has a window unit. Hoping since it’s the beginning of July I can harvest by the end of October and avoid needing space heaters, also this one can hopefully be kept colder during flowering this time around. My last grow started flowering around April and was getting way too hot in the final weeks. Also with the smaller room I can control humidity better.

Harvested 301 grams and haven’t sold any of it (I promise). That much should last us through this grow at least! Still looking to purchase another Grobo, however! Wanting to get rid of my tent and tent equipment and go all-Grobo.

Growing weed in a tent is awesome, I loved it, but I just don’t have the extra time to care for another tent right now.

I’m really glad that I decided to do a tent alongside my Grobo for my first grow, it really helped me learn a lot. However, my Grobo crop turned out much better quality (don’t get me wrong, the tent GDP is VERY dank too and is what I’ve been smoking on mainly because it’s more cured.)… however, when I do a side by side visual comparison, smell comparison, and high comparison, the Grobo crop is the clear winner.

Growing in a tent really let me appreciate how good of a machine the Grobo is and how simple and effortless it is to grow quality cannabis in.

So here we go! Grobo grow #2… cherry pie!! Have not found a thread for Cherry Pie on all-growers and it was a decision between Wedding Cake and Cherry Pie. Don’t get me wrong, I really like wedding cake and always enjoy it… but Cherry Pie has always been one of my favorites! I feel it’s not as popular because it’s not as pretty as other strains, and it also has a very distinct, but different, smell and taste. Unlike any strain I’ve tried before. I have, however, tried Cherry Pie from several different breeders and each time I get it I feel like I’m going to be disappointed upon opening… until I smoke it and I get that awesome Durban Poison/Granddaddy Purple opposite ended high! It’s great! One of my top 3 favorite strains, only surpassed by Granddaddy Purple and Sour Diesel… a hard pair to beat.

So it’s day one! Wish me luck and thank you all for all your advice and support!! You’ve all made me feel welcome, and this forum has such a great atmosphere!


Looking forward to seeing the results!

I’m still in my first grow ever. Just to learn, in addition to the Gorilla Glue Auto I have in the Grobo, I have 2 Sweet Zenzation plants from North Atlantic Seed Company. One in my Grobo Start and the other is farther along in a pot outside. I just bought a tent to try and may put the plant from the Grobo Start in it.

I agree with you on the Grobo. I love the simplicity as I don’t have a lot of free time. My problem right now is the plant in it is almost to the top and I’m only 20 days in to flower.


Good news… 20 days into flower is pretty much when they stop growing up…
You might have to bend some branches, but i think you will be ok


Thank you Ben!


Hello world!

For anyone wondering that’s just some black vinyl stuck around the lid to eliminate potential light exposure to reservoir.



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Okay, I’ve had some mold that’s been growing on my cocoa pod… didn’t bother me at first then it started to bother me… today was drain & fill, I decided to raise my cocoa pod and scrape the mold off with an exacto knife. I sprayed the cocopod directly with a 50/50 peroxide/water mixture (not sure if this was okay during the grow… but I’m like 2 weeks in so fuck it, I have more feminized seeds in my drawer anyway ;)). I then noticed the cocoa pod was absolutely soaked so I grabbed it and squeezed it a bit and raised it up as high as I could. Also wrapped a paper towel around the pod for 15 min or so to soak up some moisture. Cleaned the rest of the Grobo and the door (not the glass) with some 91% iso.

I was about to close my Grobo then I noticed this little fucker (pictured under the leaf, zoom in) clinging underneath!! Research tells me it’s an aphid… I scraped it with the exacto also (little bastard didn’t wanna let go) then he got cut into about 3 pieces. - pondered spraying a little Neem oil and decided it might not be best when it’s this young… but once again, fuck it, let’s get creative this grow… so she got a neem oil treatment. I plant to continue treating with neem oil daily until I feel better or until it becomes an issues…. Luckily since the plant is so young I can easily inspect the entire plant… hopefully this doesn’t become a problem.

Cherry Pie was a little lean-y after the cocoa pod surgery so I propped her back up and have the fan pointing toward the cocoa pod. - Going to order some more bug paper to stick in there, my last pack was ruined when my basement got wet last grow… but Grobo has become part of the family and now lives in a bedroom upstairs. Day 16 overall, wish me luck with Cherry Pie!!


I had the EXACT same problem with my first grow!! I didn’t catch it in time, she was nearly entirely to the top I think 2-3 weeks into flower. It sucked watching it because I watched the biggest buds burn, even after harvest, my biggest buds were the driest and least desirable. I agree with Ben, bend, bend, bend!! I used hooked-magnets and string to tie them down. The plant was so resilient, even after trying them down it would grow the stem in a L shape and shoot straight back up!

Try your hardest to get it away from the light, I’ll definitely do more this time around. It’s not fun watching them cook against the light, it also causes the red hairs to… redden… prematurely.

My first grow was, however, a success and was the best crop between the 4 plants I grew for my rookie grow (3 in a tent, 1 in a Grobo.). In fact, I’m not even going to do a tent this time around… even though I have two… I plan to purchase another Grobo (or two) and go totally Grobo from here on out.


@420Bandit I used these little magnet hooks I got on Amazon… used string to tie the branches down, tied to the hooks. I used yarn, don’t use that… My wife said I shouldn’t have and she’s normally right… I’m suspecting the dye probably isn’t good. I wanna say they come in packs of like 30 for cheap. Very good item to have, especially in the grobo… and very useful for other things around the house I’ve found!!


Good idea. I forgot I bought some of those too. I have some plant wire and twine, so, I’ve been working on trying to keep this girl away from the light. Lol!

Good luck with this grow! Thanks for the advice!


I too had a problem with my cocopod bring too wet. Fortunately I didn’t get mold. I just moved it as high in the tray as possible and eventually it got better.

Like you, I’m new. This is my first grow; one in a grobo, one in a pot outside, and I just took the third out of the grobo start and plan to put it in my tent (it’s outside in a pot at the moment).

I look at this round as a learning grow, so, I don’t expect the buds to be a that great. For my next grow, I plan to do a better job selecting seeds that are shorter. I also plan to stay away from autoflower seeds so I can have a bit more control.

I too will likely expand to more grobos in the future. I like the minimal maintenance aspect.


Good luck on your grow! Do you know what caused the mold on the pod?


Okay so she gave me a scare. Stopped growing for a few days and I figured she would die. Then I began to notice she was damping off. I’m 2 for 2 damping off in the Grobo! To my surprise she started growing again and seems to be doing better.

I’ve extended early veg and am keeping an eye on her.

@Aang my personal opinion is the issue I have keeping the reservoir temperature below 70, as well as the cocoa pod size. It seems to be common that the Grobo coco pods sit a little too low, soaking them instead of keeping them damp. My last grow I had to raise the pod mid-grow, and this grow I did the same even after intentionally keeping the pod higher this time around. I think my next grow I might cut an inch or so off before planting. I’ve also been looking into purchasing a water chiller to keep the water temps down.

Another reason is just simply because conditions for growing are also good conditions for mold. I’ve read that fungi growth on the pod is common and not much to worry about.


Good catch on the damping off! It looks like she’ll bounce back. I would give her a week to recover


Congratulations :tada:


Doin just fine!


Looking good!:muscle:t3::dash:


Topped :+1:

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She look super happy Phil! Nice work…


This one is gonna be a cutie