So I have started my second grow and its a free seed from seedsman called cheese.

So far I have had a couple obstacles like; the bottom of my cocoa pod broke off when I was trying to insert it into the lid, my EC meter broke at the beginning of germination, my seed hat was stuck on and the plant looked gray until I pulled the hat and let it rest a day.

I thought about not blogging my second grow but whats the fun in that right, so here we go, welcome to the cheese show!

P.s. I posted a pic of where I'm at right now 
 Now but I still show no signs of a root system.

Has anyone grown a strain of plain cheese before and if so was the taste good or bad?



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I’m sorry to see this happening to you: I hope you can save this one: Dry out that coco-pod, (only supposed to stay wet while germinating the seed and until your first root is long enough to reach for the water): I don’t know how this happened, but let us know what you do:

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  • 19 Dec. 2019

Early Vegetation (Day 1 / 14)

Today it looks like the edges of my second leafs have brown spots on them but nothing to worry about yet. The plant is getting big fast!





1/2 day difference, I think this plant is gonna be much bigger than my first ( kush n cookies ) grow.


I usually don’t like to post everyday but I’m freaking out how big this plant gets in half a days time, just check out the day before up top.


I’ve had a strain called UK cheese and it was really good, nice and relaxing. But when you bust it, it smells like a stinky ripe old cheese hahah.


For anyone still struggling with water temps in their grobo or those not using chillers. @Ray2nasty and others.
I struggled with temps of 72 - 74 during my first grow with nothing but hydroguard and air conditioner to combat.
This is my second grow and I wish I had of realized a small trick before now. I simply turned my small fan facing downward so that the back of it blows air on my plant and the front down into the reservoir.
My temp has not been above 70 since!!! Problem solved!


Is the lid sitting flush ??

Yes, is there a reason you ask? You don’t need to leave any space or opening just point the fan downward.

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Okay good just check :slight_smile:

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Danger :red_circle: Danger :red_circle: Will Robinson!!!
Day 21 Early veg 11/14
My cheese is falling over, the stem is weak and my coco is still too :sweat_drops: wet. If I remove the supports it will fall over.
Any suggestions?
I tried to dab some of the moisture out by pushing down on the top of the pod with paper towel and it weakened the plant and caused it to fall over.
Using supports to hold it up but I’m not sure if its dampening off or smaller part of stem just got exposed.
Even though the fan is blowing on pod its still wet.


I would just try to keep up what your doing with the fan and supports. She doesn’t seem unhappy?


that looks a lot like what occurred during my first grow though she held herself up without as much support

I believe if the bottom of stem doesn’t start to widen (notice how it’s getting thicker about an inch up rather than at the base where it meets coco) then it won’t pull through so that’s probably what to watch for, though this only happened to me once. also if the color at base continues to get darker that’s a bad sign


Hey B, that’s damping off. The necrosis, is happening where the stem meets the coco pod because it’s too wet, thus chocking off the plants ability to breath properly, uptake nutes property, and in turn grow further. That stem won’t grow to support the existing weight. You can check with @Stephen, but I’d start over. This is major stress to the plant and if by some miracle she does survive the yield won’t have been worth the effort in the end. Just my observations from my experience :joy::joy::+1::v:


Sorry to say I have ended this grow and didn’t have enough supplies to start another grow,
I refused to reuse the coco pod because the bottom end was torn off it from the start.
I will be using this same feed to start another (cheese) seed to see if I can get it right! Wish me luck! I will start posting when supplies get shipped.


So I restarted a new cheese seed from seedsman and I can tell you that I truly don’t think they have it right yet because both times I touched the plant it died and the stalks grew narrow near the bottom of both.
I don’t recommend these seeds. Waisted so much of my time and supplies maybe that’s why they were free!





sorry this happened B,
i missed this when it happened :frowning:
good luck on next one!