Canuk seeds

Hey everyone. Sorry work has swamped me ft. And I had issues to fix with both units. This canuk seed has come along way. Unfortunately another strain I had did not even pop. Going to try again…hopefully we have them both up and running.

Thank you @Stephen I’m happy to see one survive. I’ll put in the new sensor this weekend.


Cannarado seeds might be an option for you. They are producing top notch quality but keeping prices down … I’m starting to see companies like in house starting at 300 a pack which is a shame in my opinion I get that you can find a keeper and make money but for the average home grower that’s a lot considering you might not even find a female or maybe find 1 or two


I agree completely. Worst part is that are selling mostly reg seeds and not even fem seeds, so there is a good chance you won’t get fk all for your 300 bucks! They’ll have to bring prices down eventually, or they won’t stay in business :exploding_head::scream::man_shrugging:

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Sucks to say but now a days people ride the hype train so whatever people think is hot in the moment they always buy … but not for nothing in house gear is def top notch I just worry about Nike effect … Nike makes great sneakers decides to make them 225 and then other companies feel they can do the same even though it’s not the same quality …


If you have Instagram go follow Thebakerygenetics fire strains strong medicine and extremely affordable and The Dank Bank Canada carries there strains no one would be disappointed




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Tbh I think the canuk seeds were free for spending x $ . I’ve tried 3 and 2 failed and 1 worked. When most seeds I buy are 25 up it costs alot as you have to price in a new pod etc.

Now the local new leaf dispensary here is selling seeds too. I still have lots to plant but might try them from somewhere else based on my luck so far.


Last time I use or buy canuk seeds. 3rd seed from them and 2nd in row that havent even popped from the shell. Waste.

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Hey @Todd.grobo out of curiosity how do you get your seed to pop? Sorry you are not having luck. :crossed_fingers: you do soon-

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If it doesn’t pop after 10 days it gets tossed. I don’t do anything special. Soak pod etc

Have you tried germing the seed before putting it in the coco? I know we don’t have to or should have to anyway but that’s what I’ve done with both of mine and they came up rather fast

Yes if course
Since all 3 are from same breeder I’m going to blame their seed not whatever I’m doing. All other plants of mine have popped even the jamaican seeds…

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Then yeah I would too :+1:

Not to bash or not bash on Canuk but mine so far are 3/3 minus the one that damped off but that was user error :sweat_smile:

I’m not bashing them but not impressed. This is the only one that popped and she went through alot already as I replaced several key pieces of the unit at the start. Shes looking ok. Have pretty much let her be.


Just under 3 weeks left in this grow at this stage. And just under 3 weeks old is the other.


Great updates @Todd.grobo! That last picture looks like your little seedling is dancing… :partying_face:


I’m curious to see how this strain grows compared to my previous 2.


Day 87. Anything I can do to save her.

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Looks like heat stress? deficiency somewhere within the plant. Wilting/ drooping leaves are most commonly a sign of problems with water and/or nutrients.


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