Leaves are curling looking wrinkled [RESOLVED]

I’m on day 19 of my Reba grow (Durban poison x (purple urkle x OG kush)) and watering only with distilled water, but I’ve noticed that a number of my leaves are starting to crinkle and turn under themselves.

Is this something I should worried about? This is my first grow ever, and I’ve got a temp/humidity gauge coming later this week. Just trying to figure out if I’m hurting her.

@Stephen I’ve submitted a support ticket in case there is an issue with the tech side of my unit, because she doesnt look as healthy as she should I think.

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(Are you watering the leaves): ? :question: (The light with the water will burn your leaves): :thinking:

((#ItIsAlive)): :innocent: (Congratulations): (:handshake:)

((#IWillWatchYouGrow)): :herb::seedling:(:eyes:)



(Although exception of the rule): (At the end of the run if your grow is too tall): (Dropping the coco-pod down through the lid): (Along with the [PinchTwistBendRepeat] at the top of the canopy): :bulb::giraffe::bowing_woman::bulb:

image Stephen

See if you can pop your cocopod through the lid and into the reservoir. This will gain you a bit of clearance at the top of the canopy

Pinch, twist, bend - Repeat





(Check your Bubbler to see it is giving the plant the H2O that it needs, because the droopy plant looks like what happended to Our [BlueberryGrow]):




As @SilverGrobo suggests, please keep water off leaves and out of the grobo growing area to keep insects down and leaf damage.

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According to Plant Doctor - Diagnose Your Plants! | Grow Weed Easy drooping is usually a sign of root rot or over/under watering. Or maybe heat stress?

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Many thanks for the input all. I did mist inside the unit to try and get the humidity up, but have since placed a humidifier near the Grobo and am running at around 69f with 60% RH 24/7.

I have also added some hydroguard to the most recent water change to see if I can stave off root rot if that was the issue.

Is it possible to overwater with a hydroponic system? I fill to the recommended fill line with each water change. Does this cause any problems?

@Stephen very kindly replied to the support ticket and says that there are no issues with the Grobo itself, so I guess I’ll just keep an eye on the plant and see how she does over the next few weeks.

Latest pictures of how shes getting on at day 23

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She’s still growing so that’s probably a good sign. Hopefully the Hydroguard is the answer to getting her fully recovered. Good luck & keep us posted!


You shouldn’t have “overwatering” issues in hydro, if anything there’s “damping off” which is similar but not the same.

Something that happened to me once was that I purchased “Spring Water” instead of distilled water one week. The store put the bottles in the same place as the distilled usually was and they looked near-identical except for that subtitle and the list of minerals present in the water. It caused my plant to have some droopy leaves but I realized the mistake soon enough and did a drain/fill with distilled water a few days later to resolve. TLDR; Sometimes just doing a drain/fill with clean/correct water is all that is needed.


Yes it is possible to overwater a hydro system its called drowning, when the root system is covered with water, causing air to get locked out.
There are water sensors in the grobo for this reason, so stick to the drain and fill notifications and between week notifications.
As long as your not manually filling your ok because the grobo will only allow you to fill to the sensor level depending on stage.


So two water changes later with HydroGuard and I think root rot was definitely the issue. The drooping leaves are starting to look firmer and there is no twisting on the new growth - and she’s growing like crazy! Now into late veg, on grow day 31.

Many thanks again for all the really helpful input and advice, and a couple of progress pictures attached. Is there anything else I could/should be doing at this stage to optimize?

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Shes really coming along. Day 16/28 for late veg.


Changed the water this morning so I figured I’d give you an update. Day 71, 7/60 in flower. Definitely a girl and shes looking good!


Nice comeback, the trim looks good too!


Thanks! But it was basically 100% the Hydrogaurd. The Grobo did the rest!