California Dream Fem (1st grow ever)

Hello AG community,

I continue to enjoy :slightly_smiling_face: following your grows and experiences while I cleaned, hydrated, probe re-calibrated, etc as I had an initial green crack seed that never “popped” : :cry:

Started with the following in which any advice is appreciated :pray:

  • California Dream (fem) seed :potato: from ILGM germinated via paper towel method until small white tail emerged

  • Day 1 of germination: Added 3 gallons of distilled water :droplet: 73 F with 1/2 tablespoon of hydroguard stirred well, humidity 49 % RH, Grobo 77 F

  • Day 2 of germination: Grobo support verified that recently re-calibrated pH probe is healthy :groboone:

  • Day 3 of germination: LIFE EMERGED!!! :tada: Was soooo excited to see life emerge after the initial failed attempt. The fallen seed shell was removed from the unit

  • Day 4 of germination: topped water per notification in which root is not seen below yet

See picture from today


Excited to watch. My first grow is in germ right now, just waiting for her to pop!


Looks great! If the seed husk hasn’t fallen off yet go ahead and drop a few drops of RO or Distilled water on it and it should come off on its own within a few hours. If not hit it with another couple drops and VERY gently coax it off with a pair of tweezers.


Nice. It will feel good when she does :slight_smile:

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thanks bro :+1:t4: as her “wings” :seedling: are now opened thanks to your advice!
dropped two drops of distilled :droplet: :droplet: and carefully “toothpicked” off the seed husk


Day 7 of germination:

  • no change from the topside :seedling:

  • quick peek underneath discovered a long single white root :curly_loop: touching the water :droplet: (coco pod does not appear to be touching the water)

  • closed the lid quickly as AG put me on that roots likes darkness :new_moon_with_face: and not the light :sun_with_face:

  • topside of coco pod appears to be slowly reducing moisture with the root drinking now

  • awaiting upcoming water :droplet:change on day 8

LOVE seeing the growing progress :heart_eyes:


day 11 (1/14 early vegetation):

  • lower fan :wind_face: started today

  • coco pod drying out :hotsprings: on top side

  • enjoying the growth :leafy_green:

any FEEDBACK on any “upcomings” is appreciated.

does the community have any ADVICE on when to add a mini-fan facing away from this lil’ one?

coco pod seems to be drying out well so I didn’t want to blow :tornado: to hard on her with the lower fan coming on today



Looking very good! Nice and neat, I love it. Start studying up on topping, low stress training, and defoliation on Get set up for success! I would recommend installing a fan now, blowing away from your plant until she is strong enough to withstand the breeze at which point you’ll want it blowing directly on her, ideally from above.


thanks (again) :+1:t4: for the advice and LINK…i’ll get the mini-fan :wind_face: set up and get my “study :books: on” as there is a lot of anticipation :grimacing: in how to manage :scissors: :barber: :yarn: :goal_net: the upcoming grow stages :leafy_green:


There is a ton of info on that site and plenty of very knowledgeable people here on AG to assist as well. Do your homework and don’t hesitate to ask questions regarding anything that has to do with your grow, big or small, there’s no such thing as a dumb question! We would rather you ask and avoid the many pitfalls than have to bail you out after a mistake has been made (which we will still happily do :joy:). You’re off to a great start, I look forward to keeping up with your grow!

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SHARING AN UPDATE as it was good to know of a back up plan IF something goes wrong with your WIFI

  • 3 finger leaves :leafy_green: growing fast…

  • a deracho wind blast :wind_face: knocked out power :electric_plug: and internet for 1.5 hot :hot_face:summer days in Chicago yesterday in which my iPhone :iphone: was used as a HotSpot so the Grobo could connect online. The online connection dropped several times due to the weak signal :signal_strength: but she’s looking OK after the ordeal as things are thankfully back ON now

  • minor leave discoloration at tip of leaves that touched the plastic cover. :groboone: Grobo support racks used to lift lower leaves from touching the cover. bottle #4 and #5 used the most since last drain/fill. used 10 ml hydroguard w/ 2 gallon distilled water :droplet:

  • mini fan relocated to above. coco pod slightly moist but not yet dry :hotsprings:

Any feedback and/or comments are always appreciated :slight_smile:


Looking great and your emoji skills are second to none! :joy:

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:pray:t4: THANKS! :grinning: :+1:t4: (if i could emoji my way thru life, i would) :crazy_face:


Day 19…any advice is appreciated :pray:t4:

  • 1st set of single finger :leafy_green: leaves have begun to TWIST :tornado:…potential pH ?? or recent temp :thermometer: fluctuation issue??

  • bluelab pen pH reading is 6.2…is that too high :arrow_up:?

  • ticket :tickets: was just submitted

  • ASSUME the twist :tornado: is due to a power :electric_plug: outage that occurred on the 14th day of grow in which the water temps went up :arrow_up: to 79 F from 73 F? OR its due to the current pH level?

  • in addition, coco pod up top is still moist (not wet though):droplet:in which the coco pod was carefully raised up in hopes to dry :hotsprings: it out more with the use of a mini fan :wind_face:. i’m paranoid about damping off :scream:

  • roots looking white, growing and not obstructing probe



She looks great, those two lower leaves are twisting due to them being in contact with the support racks.

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thanks again (and again) !!! :+1:t4:

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Strong photo game! :camera_flash:

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shot on an iphone :iphone: :slight_smile: thanks Vicc!


Day 22: any FEEDBACK :newspaper: on the “topping” :scissors: is appreciated AG community

  • five (5) nodes came quicker :alarm_clock: than expected…cut :scissors:at the 5th node on the day of the scheduled water :droplet: change. Hopefully :pray:t4: it was performed correctly for this 1st timer

  • FYI. grobo response received immediately from submitted ticket :tickets: to confirm pH probe is :ok: with a recommendation to remove :scissors: the bottom “twisting” leaves :leaves:. grobo support :groboone:is really great, responsive and caring!!! :ok_hand:t4:


I believe you may have FIMed her a bit, picture is not close enough to tell. Not to worry however I did the same. It will turn out well either way!