Building the new Grobo 2 ideas?

Thanks, I figured if I have to assemble it, might as well do it right and seal the poo out of the thing. :grinning: My Grobo 1 leaks light out every single seam just about and I think a lot of smell comes out that way too. If I can completely seal it up, should help with a lot of things. The Grobo 1is also semi loud even with my external air pump, I am hoping doing all this will make the Grobo 2 very quiet along with the redesign.


I am still tweaking this and decided to not use 2 items I posted about before, instead I will use these.

Aluminum Tape

Also a different Mylar film for the inside.

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OK I did it and hope it works like I am thinking.

I ordered 3 packs of the 1" wide foam strips and going to put them between every seam and at every point the Grobo comes together or touches the bottom and top. This should eliminate any vibration “if there” and help with light leaks.

I ordered the aluminum tape. I will use that after the foam strips and cover every seam and any area I think light could come out of. This should finalize taking care of the light leaks and smell leaks.’

I ordered the 4x10 mylar film and will cover all the panels with it before starting assembly.

I did not order anything else yet as I think this should cover what I need for the inside. The outside stuff I can always do at anytime. The inside needs to be done, so I can assemble it.

Seems easer to do with it not assembled, so I plan to take my time and make sure it comes together very solid,

Also I was looking again and many might look at the Grobo 2 and think it looks the same, but in reality it has been completely redesigned on the inside.

If my tweaks help stop all the light and dampen the sound a lot, I probably will sell my Grobo 1 and down the road get another Grobo 2. My Grobo 1 I taped it on the outside to block light leaks and most came off already. It leaks light at every seam just about and it is semi loud. You can just touch my unit and light will start leaking out somewhere. :grinning: The pump I disconnected as it was so loud and added an external. I would get rid of it for a Grobo 2 in a second if I could.

OK so by the end of this week, I will have everything I need, except maybe the Grobo 2. :grinning:

I really am excited as I also decided to completely redo the small pantry too as now I might have 2 Grobos in it.


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Not getting my hopes up yet it is coming, :grinning: but yesterday I got a “Welcome to Grobo” type email with some things to use in it, a few links to look at and things like that.

I hope it is in the works as I have everything else, even redid the room for it.

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I am thinking of adding an extra fan maybe and not sure how it would run out the Grobo 2 as there is no more small hatch at the bottom back.

Is the best way to run it up to the top and out that way maybe or maybe cut the cord to the fan and run it out the drain holes. Then splice it back together???

I just noticed on the back near the bottom, where it sits on the bottom piece, it does not seem to be that secure and “maybe” I can push the cords under it there and then seal it up???

Trying to figure to out as mine is coming soon it looks like. I need to run an extra fan cord and maybe extra side lights out somehow.

My tracking says coming tomorrow, so I started soaking a Barneys Farm Do Si Dos seed in some water to get ready to plant it in a few days. :grinning:

I am “guesstimating” hopefully by Sunday I will have the Grobo 2 assembled and ready to start its first grow.

Friday, I am thinking to just unpack everything, as I think that takes a lot of time. I can get the trash and recyclables ready or save the box in my shed like I have the original Grobo box.

Then Saturday, I can get started with the walls and top / bottom. I wanted to put mylar sheeting on them, add extra side lights and 2nd fan. Also seal up all the edges from the inside and things like that making it more light and smell proof. I also plan to run a short extension cord inside the back somehow to power the extra lights and fan.

Then Sunday I can do the final adding for internals and tank and get it ready to grow.

I like the idea of the Grobo “kit” really. At first I was not crazy about the Grobo 2 and didn’t plan to get one. Then I thought, by assembling it myself, I can take my time and fix some of the things like all the light leaks, smell leaks, vibrations and things like that.

Now I am all excited with ideas to try.


I started the unpacking.


So far coming along good and semi fast as I am not medicating :grinning:
yet. The aluminum tape I added to help light and smell proof it more, there
are also thin foam strips under the seams to also help light leaks and noise.

I also ran a flat extension cord under the back before assembling it, now I will
have 3 outlets inside for extra fans, lights and what not.


Stuck until I get a smaller door pin and longer cable.

I have the mylar ready to put on the walls. Not much more I can do until the other stuff comes.


All I need now is the longer wire, couple screws and door pin.

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I have foam at every seam to dampen noise and block light and smells. I have wide aluminum tape over the foam at every seam, to also help. Then I have thick reflective mylar wrapped around the entire inside, also helping block light leaks and dampen noise.

Then I ran a thin 3 outlet extension cord under the back before assembling it to add a 2nd internal fan and also side lighting. Look at bottom right back side for it hanging inside.

This picture is where I added the 8 side light strips to it and I will add the 2nd fan once I can close it up.

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OK so now I have both the Grobo and Grobo 2 going. The way I put together the Grobo 2, it is very solid, next to no light leaks, should be a lot more smell proof and it is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy quieter.

Keep in mind that I put mine together a little different than most would, but it is sooooooooo nice, I am seriously thinking of selling my original and getting another 2. The 2 fixes a lot of the issues I had, light leaks, noise, smells and all that.

My grow in the original should be ending in a few weeks, need to think what to do or not do.

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It is together and I have a seed started. I do have some minor tweaks to do still, adjust the door some, fix a spot near the bottom front that still leaks a tiny bit of light and small things like that.

It looks like my ideas to seal in all the light are working 99%. There are no light leaks at all anywhere on the box, except the area on the front at the bottom where the door closes.