Bottom leaves curled at the ends?!?

Those numbers look good. 40% RH is fine, higher is better but I’ve grown around 20% RH so that’s probably not the issue here.

Is your cocopod super-wet?

I would not call it super wet it’s moist which I am assuming is normal how you want it roots look good (they are all white not brown like the picture is making it look)

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The bottom leaves also feel kind of crispy which has me worried

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My current best-guess would be that it’s nitrogen lockout, probably from incorrect pH but perhaps from not having the right ratio of nutrients dispensed (the air in lines possiblity).

If after doing a drain/fill it doesn’t start to look better after a few days (on the new growth, the old stuff won’t heal much/at all) then it might take a probe calibration to rule pH out.


I notice the probe is not sitting in the socket, it’s raised quite a bit. Are both of your probes high up like that?

They should sit flush with the black cap part touching that white fixture that holds them.

I doubt this is an issue just FYI. The pH probe does look to be seated correctly in the corner of your pic.

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It looks like this both spots are small holes the other probe does not have this cap on it that’s why it’s up higher

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Should I have taken that piece off?!?

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Gotcha, that might be a new probe design then.

I don’t think so, but you should check with support or perhaps somebody else who’s received a newer unit will chime in on that.

The pH probe has a cap that should be taken off, as it is filled with fluid for transportation - but that’s the EC probe that was raised and it doesn’t usually have a protective cap. I wouldn’t remove it unless somebody tells you to.

Or is that just the lid-section of a protective cap that was on it? If that’s the case it probably slides right off, yeah.

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That is your problem, yes slide it off and insert it into the slot properly. Great eye @vegetato

After you’ve done so, then run your drain fill and the Grobo will correct you’re pH.


@SWSVIC that’s the EC probe that wasn’t lowered very far, but it was probably still contacting the water. That would’ve affected bottle #5 if anything, and I believe it would dose if the probe weren’t giving a reading (as opposed to not dosing).


You’re correct, my mistake. I do have newer unit and that cap did indeed slide off so that the meter could sit properly in its holster.

@Spencer can you post a picture of your nutrient bottles showing what has been dispensed.

These 2 caps were taken off initially


You can slide the piece that is still on your EC meter off as well.


Not sure if you can tell in the picture but all 5 nutrients are down

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It’s been so long I don’t remember if I even had a cap on mine, I don’t recall there being one but might’ve been. Now that I think about it I vaguely remember watching a video where Stephen slides it off?

Another guess might be that the pH and ec probes are plugged in the wrong ports, but am not certain what the symptoms of that might be – I would expect it to use up a lot of #1 or #2 thinking that it’s too high or too low with no reading (or it’s sensed to be OOB and ignores?).

Drain/fill and monitor for a few days is probably the best advice at the moment. Though following one of those cables can at least verify they’re plugged in correctly. Knowing which is plugged into the top or bottom port would be enough to determine that.

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Nutrient distribution appears correct.

It is using a lot of PH however