Both fans not working

Hello both my fans not working and I’m not sure how long it’s been going on either but my grobo is usually hotter than my apt . I’m not sure how to open a ticket ?

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What “day” are you on in your growth? The fans are on a schedule and do not immediately turn on. It is natural that your Grobo is about 1-2 degrees warmer than the ambient temperature in your apartment due to the heat emitted by the light. I will say that these fans are deceiving, the casing on them is shaped similarly to fan blades and thus would make them appear off to the naked eye. I had to get very close with an led flashlight in order to barely notice that the fan was indeed on, my top fan was not on yet (as per schedule) so being able to compare the two made it simple for me to determine that my bottom fan was indeed on. If you are passed day 11 in your grow, give that a shot.


Also keep in mind that the fans are sucking…not blowing.

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They’re both fresh air inlets. If I’m not mistaken the first fan will usually go off at transition.


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