Grobo fans [RESOLVED]

Are theses fans suppose to be working during germination?

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Just lower one normally during germ

First lower fan kicks on between day 10 and 11 and the 2nd upper fan on day 24. :+1:


Cool no need to stress out yet Lmao. Thanks


Grobo fans





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I have the same question … just planted my seed and all fans are on. In fact, as soon as I plugged the unit in the fans went on and stayed on continuously, including through filling. Anyone know what’s up?

You may need to reboot to see if that changes, could be a glitch so please submit a ticket if it doesn’t change.

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You started a recipe right @Hellyesshedid?

I did - Generic Auto Sativa for my Auto Jack Herer

Hey @Hellyesshedid,

Just replied through support, are they both off now?


Hi Stephen,

Just replied to your email. Both fans are off, and now it’s just the fan with the carbon filter up top that’s going. Thank you!

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