Blueberry Muffin Grow **Harvested**

nice, much more uniform. You will see a big difference in them fattening up now.


Aang, your lady looks amazing!


Day 118 Flower 23/39. She still has a long way to go but I’ve noticed the white hairs on her are starting to turn orange :slight_smile: .

Need some advice at this stage of the growth, should I chop off these 2 smaller branches? I’m thinking that they will not produce enough bud to be worth keeping.


I see 5 i would cut off. Depending on how high they are but likely so. Skinniest five branches on lower pic. They will noy beef up. Look at the branch


Thank you!


I aim for 6 solid with no topping and 8 with topping.


Sorry, what do you mean? I removed 4 small branches :+1:


When i grow, i aim for 6 solid branches yo be my main colas and 8 branches if i top. Seems to be the most consistent number i can hit based on available space. From what i can see youve got five solid branches that will beef up. Looks good. I think i want to do this strain in my tent when the current one is finished. Looks like shell bush up nicely.


Lookin good! That’s really great advice, @Todd.grobo I’ll remember this one!


@Aang She is looking really nice! What a nice even canopy too!

How are things going down by the stalk at the cocopod? Was there damping off? Could you please include a pic of that area? Thanks!


Thanks for clarifying! I see 5 branches that will be my main colas. I topped her once but I ran into a few issues with her in the beginning of the grow. She’s bounced back nicely since then considering that Grobo support said I could terminate her or keep on trucking. I’ll aim for more branches for my next grow! I think she has the potential to give you a nice yield if you can grow her in your tent.


Thanks @miami5th! I didn’t have any damping off for this grow. In the early stages of her grow I adjusted the water fill level so it only filled to the lower/bottom sensor. I was really concerned about damping off since my first grow suffered from it.

However in doing that, I created another issue where her root is one long strand instead of having fibrous looking roots. After I readjusted the water fill level back to top sensor, the plant started to really take off and her roots started grow.

This is what her stalk looks like now (I had an issue where her stalk was too lengthy):

This is an old pic of what her roots looked like (one long strand of root coming from the middle):


That and blueberry muffin sounds :fire::fire::star_struck:


I love blueberry muffins lol. I’ve never tried this strain but I bet it tastes and smells really good


Day 125 Flower 30/39

Hey folks, I was inspired by @Vicc’s grow and added an extra led grow lamp. I also added an extra fan for better air circulation. My bottom bud sites are still in the early stage of development. Hoping the extra grow light and fan will help promote growth.

I have a few main concerns right now.

  1. Avoiding mold
  2. The humidity range has been in the low 20s. I bought a small humidifier and will use it when needed to see if it helps raise the humidity level
  3. Red spots in some bud sites - I think this is genetics

I took some pictures of bud sites in different areas to make sure everything looks alright.

Bud site #1: This bud looks extra fuzzy white - could this be mold?

Bud site #2: Red spots on bud

Bud site #3:

Bud site #4:

Extra photos:

@Vicc @Todd.grobo @vegetato @SWSVIC @Bplatinum9 @SilverGrobo
Any advice or tips is appreciated. Thanks everyone!


I wouldn’t worry (as much) about mold with humidity around 20%, not unless it’s closer to 45-50% really. You would notice some leaves visibly “sweating” here and there before the mold strikes. Usually it’s leaves that are touching one another where the sweating occurs, but sometimes the buds themselves will sweat and you’ll see droplets on the leaves that are connected to the buds. If you don’t see drops of water on the plant that’s even more reason not to worry.

The red stuff might just be genetics as the plant doesn’t seem to be close enough to the light to be caused by bleaching (where the leaf loses its chlorophyll and goes white). Have you had some extra-cool nights lately or anything? Sometimes wild temperature swings (to a lower temp at night) will bring out purple/red/black leaves in some strains.


Thank you! That’s great to know!

I have noticed some leaves “sweating” a little bit here and there. I did remove those leaves that I thought would be an issue if they were touching each other or had tiny droplets of water on them.

Yes, there has been some extra cool nights lately. The weather has been around 10-15 degrees cooler in the past few days. The temps inside the Grobo have been around 70-79 degrees F. Water temps have been around 63-69 degrees F. I’m fortunate enough to have an AC/heater that I can control to adjust the temperature of the room.


She looks good!! if you are concerned about mold, you can mix some peroxide and water (I just mix 3% peroxide with equal parts water) and lightly spray her as soon as its lights off and air it dry before calling it a night. It should clear up any mold quickly and also she will enjoy that cleaning. Just make sure to do it when the lights are off to avoid any burning and make sure she’s aired dry.

I would also stuff paper towels around the cracks of the reservoir to avoid any moisture from getting down there.

I had some mold on my GG4 seedlings due to RH being too high and sprayed it and the mold went away immediately.


Thanks for the tip :+1:! Just to confirm, as soon as the lights are off, you lightly spray her with the mixed solution and then leave the Grobo door open to allow it to air dry before closing the door?

I saw someone put some aluminum foil over their reservoir lid. I may do the same for the next grow - maybe it will help mitigate light exposure and moisture from getting down there.


Yes just leave the door open for like 30 minutes after you spray her and allow a fan to dry her out.
You can do the same like 30 minutes before lights on, it sort of simulate morning dew, we call this foliar feeding, can be used to treat pests and mold as well.