Blueberry Auto - Outdoor Grow

I wasn’t expecting these results thus far at all.



Pistils are just starting to turn amber and the trichomes are all clear. She is a beast lol


Wow I wanna be like you when I grow up!:dancer::seedling:



Was your outdoor grow space purchased at Wally World for under 100$? Just curious as I’ve seen a very similar unit for 50$’s

Had a lot of poor reviews as to the cheap plastic material, but I figured I’d ask if you were happy with it

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Bought it off wayfair. It was a little more than that I can’t remember how much exactly but the plastic is pretty thick. We shall see how long it last but I’m really happy with the space. I wanted to have control over the watering and not have Mother Nature piss away all my nutrients with a massive downpour. So I got a rain barrel and I use that water for my outdoor plants. Add nutrients then I pH the water and it’s gtg.


Perfect idea with the rain water the best way to go … I wish it rained more around my way so I can do the same … these coco grows require feeding atleast once a day sometimes two or more at 5 gallon smart tops you can see water is my biggest issue


She keeps getting fatter :rofl:


I’m seriously thinking of trying my hand at an outdoor grow. I have never grown anything successfully and I’m still on my first grow in the grobo but, if I ever want to get good at it I need to start gathering info. I already know that you used an auto, a rain barrel/distilled water, and you fed them once a week. Would you mind sharing here or through message

  1. what type of nutrients you used?
  2. how do you know the amount of water to use when watering?
  3. which month you think is best to start an outdoor grow?
  4. anything else that might be helpful.
    Thanks in advance! :pray::rainbow::eyes::seedling:

No problem!

  1. I knew nothing at all about nutrients before starting this grow because my only experience was with grobo and well I use the grobo nutrients for that. So I did a quick search on amazon and stumbled upon this -
    I just followed the instruction on the bottle throughout the grow and well results are there for sure.

Also when I was mixing my soil mixture I added a little bit of dried chicken manure just as a starter.

  1. For watering because I used a fairly large pot I would mix 4 litres at a time. I watered sparingly at first to avoid root rot especially when the plant was very small (Seedling). Something I read a lot of places while scouring the internet for information is it is key to have excellent drainage in your potting mixture so start with a good potting mixture that isn’t just black soil. Black soil will tend to turn into mud and not drain properly and get compacted too much thus removing that necessary oxygen your roots desperately need.

I used a little bit of pH’d water with no added nutrients at the seedling stage. Feel the soil with your hands at the surface and if its remotely moist don’t add water. when the plant gets to beast mode it will drink lots and simply follow the direction on the bottle of whatever nutrients you are using and continually observe the plant for signs of nutrient lock out and flush as needed. large pots will have more water readily available for the plant where as smaller pots will need to be watered more frequently as the plant gets larger. I went by feel of the soil for watering intervals but if you wanted to get technical you can also purchase a soil humidity jimmy jammer.

  1. This was my first mistake I started quite late but since they are autos i will have plenty of time to get to harvest on both my plants. but if you have space I would put large drip pans and place your pots in those and start those beauties indoors when its just about to get warm. I’m not sure where you are situated and what your climate is but I will be starting my seedlings early April next year indoors in the final pots they will be growing in. (Auto’s don’t like the stress of transplanting). This will allow me to grow 4 plants early in the season and still have enough time to grow another 4 for the 2nd half of the season.

  2. I highly suggest a small greenhouse if you want to be controlling the nutrient intake like I do. I mean you can let the storms roll in and have mother nature flush your plants for you but I would rather control the watering and nutrient intake of my plants. Also a small green house will allow you to start earlier in the season and finish a little later. Obviously you absolutely need to get a pH pen and TDS/EC pen if you don’t already have those. You really want to make sure your pH is in the right range (I kept the pH at 5.7-6.2) and also to make sure you are not over feeding.

Also if you are going the auto route I would do nothing in terms of training other than trimming a leaf here and there. You can do training but that comes at the risk of reducing yields if the plant becomes stunted for too long and can’t recover quick enough.

Let me know if you have anymore questions. I’m always happy to pass on the growing knowledge :smile:


Thanks so much for all the tips!!! I do have a question about the type of soil you used because here in Michigan any black soil I use seems to have tons of spider seeds in them.

Honestly you could just get super soil and only use water up until flowering … usually has enough nutes In their for veg

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Where do you buy super soil? Is that a brand?

Different brands make them I don’t like soil so I don’t know the names I run my stuff in coco or dwc

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I used this stuff.


Thanks Stephane! :seedling:

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Look into KIS Organics they have super soil. :call_me_hand:

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Will do ! Thanks!

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