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Word so I don’t even have to tell u how hard that shit is :+1:t2::dash::seedling:

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That’s a fact! Lol 🤦🏻



I love articles like this.
Cannabis leaves are confirmed to produce the same effect.

Flushes Toxins

Often added to smoothies in powdered form, spirulina gets its vibrant hue from chlorophyll, a plant pigment that binds to damaging toxins and ferries them out of the body. Indeed, Japanese scientists found that a chlorophyll-rich diet slashes toxins stored in fat cells by 50 percent in five days, instantly shrinking fat stores.


Good read!


Juice leaves in your smoothies and the health benefits roll in. Covid protection and now the slash in toxins yes plz


Cannabis over everything!


Great :+1:t2: piece of info bro my wife loves making drinks :tropical_drink: like that gonna have to put her on to that :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Only juice a few leaves into a shake, smoothie or whatever. Youll get the same benefit likely better than that moss. Cannabis has other things in it like receptors and stuff that work in conjunction with your body.
If you eat a lot pf processed foods id do this daily.


Thanks for the share I love stuff like this


Oh man my wife is going to be thrilled :grin: when I show her this :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Hot 33c inside the tent today
26c outside. Up to 35c by Thursday which will honestly be closer to 40. Everyday off by 2 to 3.
Thinking tomorrow i need to drop wattage from 100% to maybe 75% to help with heat. No house a/c.
Will that hurt more than the heat stress in the final 10 to 14 days? Humidity is low. 25 to 30


That really sucks the girls look so nice.

I do have 1 idea for you. Now I have never tried this before but in Theory it should work.

If you have a local company that sells dry ice get a couple pounds put in a cooler In the day time add a little in the tent. When it melts it will give off Co2. Get your Ppm up to 1300 to 1500 ppm. With adding the Co2 in the mix the plants should be able to handle the extra heat plus you can leave the Lights at 100%.

At night you can take the Co2 out. (dry ice)

It’s the best idea I have for you.


That’s quite smart it might just do the trick for a couple weeks


75% is operating at 29 vs 33.3 so im ok i think


I think you will be ok because your lights dont really give off much heat. I use a dehumidifier right outside my tent to keep rh down. Maybe use a couple more fans? The ice idea was good also!

If you are growing indica strains they are better handling cold.
If you are growing sativa strains they are better at handling heat.

Rh should be reduced to 45%during the last 2-3 weeks before harvest to make buds more dense & increase resin production.

Temps around 70 - 80f (20-26c) in flower stage, if you go over 85f (30c) it tends to make the buds airy.

Cold temps can cause buds to turn purple.
Hot temps can cause foxtails & airy buds & stress.
Stress can cause seedy buds from herming. :eyes::seedling:


Yeah. What i figured. 2 days at 33c. Tomorrow will be more. Hopefully after that it cools down. However they are calling for a dry hot summer. No humidity here normally. Flower has been 40% and last 2 weeks will be 25 to 30 most days.
Will do the best i can. Buds still feel dense and fattening.


You can really see the differences in the phenos on the two blueberries. One boast the leaves and rich colors and the other is completely spattered with the purple flecks on the end of everything. The grow room smells full on bakery no hiding it.
The GG is thicc er then it looks but definitely suffered from trimming.


Your doing great! I think youll be able to finish up just fine, no matter the forecast but anything you start after that could be tricky until around Aug - Sept. But then again it will take awhile to get back in flower stage so you might just be good to go! :eyes::seedling:


I’m starting working on a Ac project for my tent to offset this my problems. Not sure if it’s going to be a cost smart idea. Dam I said I wasn’t going to do it and look at me now.

Wow the power of organic’s!! Just love the colours. I wish I could smell them

Todd looks great man!! Cheers :beers: