Autoflower not flowering

After posting for advice on my plant, users suggested logging a ticket with Grobo.
They believe that it is acting like a non-auto with an auto recipe, and will stay in the vegetative state.
Any help is appreciated.

Here is my initial post:
I am growing the Blueberry Hybrid Autoflower recipe, an 84 day grow, and am on day 65.
The plant is on day 27 of 34 of the flowering period, with a final 10 days of flush coming next week.
Over the last two weeks, I have seen the plant β€œstretch” from the half way point of the box all the way to the top. The plant is definitely starting to flower, but the buds are just starting with about a week left in this phase.
My questions are

  • is this typical for an autoflower? Or should I extend the flower period until the buds are in a good place before moving to flush?
  • I am getting a lot of moisture on the leaves at the top over the last two weeks - is this typical? Or should I be doing a better job of trimming away fan leaves so they touch less and the lower canopy gets more light?
    Picture attached below:

Thank you Grobo team,

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How do you log a ticket with Grobo?

Hi @Noods
I dont have any advice to offer. This is the reason i don’t like autos.
The schedule is a guideline and no way reflects reality of when a grow will complete. Especially if that grow has had any trimming etc.
From what ive read they are very finicky and not as responsive to lst and trimming and various other issues as your photo period.
You have water on your leaves because you have too many. When they touch they create condensation. It wont get better
Your not going to like this but kill it and start a new one. If growing auto dont extend any stages.

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My auto had a couple ph issues and set it back but at that point I did start trimming and extended the vegetation. Most recently she didn’t seem to want to flower so upon suggestion i switched her to a 12/12 generic recipe and went forward to flower.

It seems like maybe trimming it helps to extend the vegetation. I would say trim off everything but colas and switch to 12/12 before giving up.

from what ive read over trimming autos causes a shock which can throw their gender off or just permanently stick them in vegetation. Glad to hear its fixed. Good to know for the future. But to be honest, ill stick with photo periods, where i can control more :slight_smile:


That makes a lot of sense. Maybe autos just need a 12/12 schedule in flower if you decide to trim them and stretch the grow or if something happens and it almost dies due to ph like mine did.

Todd, thanks for the straight advice. I took the plant down and will start a new one over the weekend. Lesson learned for auto’s. I have had lots of success with regular seeds outdoor and look forward to crafting and having more control this time around in the Grobo, without worry.


No problem. Prefer to be straight up, time becomes your only obstacle eventually


Chances are it was a fast feminized rather than a full auto. Fast autos have some of the ruderalis genes, but retain the photo period bloom trigger instead of being an auto. From what I’ve read it’s similar to how one plant can display indica traits while another seed from the same mom/dad can display sativa traits.

I’m guessing your seed did not receive the full auto gene which is why it didn’t flower until it was switched to 12/12.

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When my Autos Get stuck in 18/6 in my Grow tent I go from 18/6 to 12/12 for like a week then put it back to 18/6…when go into flower :rose: but that’s Autos in Grow tents for me

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