2 Grobos and only 1 will flower

Hey Everyone,

Well I’m back again for some help, I have two grobo machines, one from 2018 and a new one I bought this year.

Twice since about Feb, the model from 2018 has produced very leggy plants that never seem to flower. In fact, when each plant (a Jack Herer Auto from Canuk and now a Blue Dream Fem from ILGM) enters Flower Stage, it’s as if they are given a huge growth spurt and quickly shoot to the top of the box, despite topping both plants during the Early Veg Stage.

The pictures are from the Blue Dream, it’s now on day 10 / 41 Flower Stage and it’s still sending out new leaves with no flowering.

The 2020 unit, has grown an incredible harvest of Northern Lights yielding 414g of wet and about 50g of dry.

Is there something I’m doing wrong with those in the first box but not the second box?

Thanks in advance!


Not to blame you so please read completely ( I assume not based on harvests on the other unit, but have to ask as it could contribute). But could it be how its being cut? Or stressed somehow?
If not, maybe your missing some light spectrum. I would open a ticket with grobo to investigate. I have a 2018 model and just replaced my light and motherboard this year. The light was showing too much red spectrum and over heating and powering the unit off. Which for hours at a time were not good for the plant.
I know plant stress can make them not go into flowering and that comes from cutting or something else to do with nutrients perhaps. Grobo can assist with that.


Also i will add, my disdain for Canuck seeds. Although they seem popular i have had more failures then success with their seeds.

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Thanks Todd, Great question! There’s a great chance it is me and not the unit :wink: (via cutting style or when I’m defoliating fans leaves, etc.), I’d love to learn. I did have some pretty decent harvests with the first unit during 2018 and 2019. This year both have been odd. I’ll submit a ticket and reference back to this post. Thanks again!

if your open to learning, i think ive re-read www.growweedeasy.com at least three or four times every time i have a question. They break every stage down and then each stage by soil, coco or hydro. It comes with tons of sample photos and found it really easy to read and useful. Typically when plants are young i take off big fan leaves to open up bud sites. Then i try to take off big fan leaves blocking, 2ndary, 3rd, 4th and 5th bud sites. Trying to keep 1 and 2 around if not too large. They grow back and you re cut many times.



  • (I Second The Motion For A Ticket [:ticket:]): (It’s Acting Like A [Non-Auto] With An [AutoRecipe]):): :thinking:

  • (It Will Stay In Vegetation Forever And Ever):



Hey fellow growers,

This morning I woke to find some small pistils developing, we’re on day 15 of 41. She seems to have finally slowed down on vegging.

I’m leaning towards Todd’s suggestions above. It was most likely the trimming efforts I did and it seems that pushed her to put more energy after each trim back into leaves.

Here’s a pic.

I’ll post another pic in a few days.