Auto-Tenting FloraFlex

They are alive! First one is Girl Scout Cookies auto extreme from ILGM, second one is OG Kush auto from Humboldt Seeds.



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Question did you start the plant with a plug or direct sow in coco. Looks like direct sow

@Mpower11 Direct into coco, I don’t have any plugs. I have some non-Grobo coco pods on order that I will be using to germinate in the future.

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They are both growing nicely. No signs of nute burn or deficiencies yet.

Res pH 6.0
EC 0.8

Changed water in res today:
pH 6.1
EC 0.9


Looking like a nice start


They are looking strong and happy. Running lights 18/6. May switch to 20/4 when they are bigger.


There looks like some yellowing in the leafs or is that just the picture?

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There is some browning on the first one, temp in the tent got a little extreme yesterday, reached ~80 degrees during the day and was down to 61 before I turned on the heat. The pH was a little high when I checked it this morning, so I did a flush and made sure the pH was at 6.0. Another thing that I didn’t notice right away was the humidifier was aimed at the first plant, so it was getting way too much.

The brown tip on the first one was directly in the path of the humidifier. I suspect it was a combo of that and the pH creeped up to 6.4 overnight.


I am a little surprised with the GSC, the first one I grew in my Niwa with rockwool had zero issues and I never monitored EC. I dont think I could have killed that one if I tried. The GSC seeds are 5 months old, so that may have something to do with it, or it’s just genetics.


One possible thing to think about is you said you were feeding a Ec of 800 or 900.

From my experience that’s pretty high on a baby seeding.

Looks burned to me a bit


When you say Ph creeped up to 6.4 in the res you mean or leach?

Next time you water collect some leach water and test your EC and Ph… See where your at…

Something is off I’m thinking Magnesium Deficiency

Did you charge your Coco media with Cal/mag?

But I still think your feeding to high in nutes for a seedling / missing Cal/mag

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Yeah, the reservoir water pH was creeping up. I ordered a Bluelab pH and EC meter for my reservoir.

I flushed both plants last night with distilled water mixed with Cal-Mag. The burn doesn’t seem to have gotten any worse. Going to keep a close eye on them for the next couple days, along with the pH and EC in the tank.

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6.4 for Coco is on the high side of ok still

Thats a nice meter :+1:t2:

I think it was a good idea to flush both plants with Cal/Mag… If they were my plants I wouldn’t feed any nutes for a few days just Cal/Mag.

When you flushed did you get a reading of the leach and Ph (the first run off water)

That’s exactly what I am going to be doing. Leech EC was 0.5, can’t remember what the pH was, it was a little on the low side from what I remember. Think like 5.7

This is good information

5.7 is still ok for Coco it’s in range

Based on this info I don’t think the problem was caused from PH…

Still thinking cause was one or both (Cal/Mag / high nutes for baby seedless)

Let the coco dry out good before you water again

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Was thinking more along the lines of it being a bit low for Cal-Mag absorption.

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I agree if I had to pick…

Did you charge the Coco media with full strength Cal/mag?

I flushed it three times with full strength cal-mag.

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6.) Magnesium Deficiency


How Do Growers Get It?

How to Fix

With a magnesium deficiency, the yellowing happens between the veins of the leaves, while the veins stay green.

This marijuana leaf is showing signs of a magnesium deficiency (yellow stripes in between the veins)

Example of a marijuana magnesium deficiency

Sometimes Triggered by Old Age / Natural Senescence / Light Deprivation

This cannabis leaf is showing signs of a magnesium deficiency