Auto flower- harvest help-

Auto flower plant. It grew too tall and also left town. Take a look and let me know if it’s a bust grow or not. I’m going to hang to dry in meantime.

Some brown leaves along the way. Not really sure how to tell if it’s rot mold or fine.

Hung up all the buds and then put the questionable ones on bottom until I figure out if they are still good or not. They don’t smell or feel bad,so who knows. Appreciate all the help


Next time please post before you cut up if you can, makes it easier to tell the progression of the plant.
What strain/brand is this?
Did the brownist parts of the plant come from the bottom, middle or top of the plant?
Were your roots infected with root rot at any point?
Did you have smells or humidity issues during this grow?
If you open up the brownish part can you see mold inside? :eyes::seedling:

Like this…



@Bplatinum9 - It was a Auto Northern Lights Feminized seed. The roots looked great when I threw out the bulb & there were no smells at all (bad smells that is). The browner spots were from the top of the plant. I’m not sure about humidity issues- but I don’t believe there were.

I cut off a part of one of the darker buds. It didn’t smell or look like there was mold,although I may not know what to look for exactly. it is sticky though



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Ok great, looks like a simple case of bud burn then.
Next grow if buds get too close to the light use supports to anchor them to the left or the right side of the box and it will help keep the burn down. :eyes::seedling: p.s. Safe to smoke!

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