What happens if I did try to repair and even followed the prompts to reset my Grobo during this whole ordeal. Is my recipe gone forever? Just hit flowering!

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Not sure well find out soon. If you have a spare airstone throw it in youll be good until they get it fixed.


My airflow kicked on a while ago actually and can hear it running. I heard it click off this morning. I just can’t connect it.

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Your recipe will resume where it left off previously once connected. The servers responsible for recipe storage have not been disrupted by todays events. Just hang tight until it connects again and the recipe will realign itself.


Back to normal :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Bruno, although my unit is back to normal and connected to wifi - I noticed my firmware is at 9.0.0 & needs to be upgraded to 9.2.1. Would you suggest I do that now, or hold off til everything is stabilized?


My app currently my grobo io , wont load on my phone, my system is on , with a green flash blinking . My grobo usually connects automatically because I use the same wifi everytime .

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@Stephen when will this for sure be fixed I have , an external air pump but I’m all the way in florida and just no luck at all :frowning: I hope my auto doesnt die I’m on day 45

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@Hellyesshedid Great question. I’d highly recommend waiting until things have stabilized. That 9.2.1 upgrade in particular is quite large and has multiple parts. Failing during this upgrade process is risky.


Glad I asked, thank you :pray:t3:


@Ray2nasty This was the result of an update we pushed to try and expedite reconnection once our service provider is back up and running. The app is stable again. We do not expect any further updates tonight. I apologize for the confusion there.


Just performed a successful “fill” maintenance operation on my G1. No connection issues or problems with lights or pump. The G2 is running normal as well.

Good recovery!


@miami5th Thanks for reporting!

Does this mean my Grobo should be connected now because mine is still flashing blue

I’m brand new, just received my Grobo today and already have the Gorilla Glue seed planted. This outage confused me and I was like, “figures” but I’m up and running. So exciting!


Glad to have you @Wakefinder ! Not to worry, issues like this occur very seldom.


Update: As of 9:30PM EST our service provider is back up and running. Your Grobo should now behave as normal.

In many cases your Grobo should have automatically reconnected to WiFi, then resumed where the recipe was before losing connection. If this is the case, no further action is needed and you can safely stop reading.

However, if this is not the case, please follow the steps that pertain to you:

My Grobo has connected to WiFi (breathing cyan) but has NOT yet resumed it’s recipe:

  1. Grobo may take up to 30 minutes to re-apply the recipe once back online (breathing cyan). Please give it a full 30 minutes before troubleshooting further.

  2. Navigate to ‘settings’ on the sidenav of my.grobo.io.

  3. Click ‘change light settings’ .

  4. Don’t make any adjustments and hit ‘save’. This should force your Grobo to resume it’s recipe.

My Grobo has NOT yet reconnected to WiFi (not breathing cyan)

  1. Unplug your Grobo from power

  2. Wait 30 seconds

  3. Plug your Grobo back into power

  4. Allow the connection process to take up to 15 minutes as there are a backlog of authentications occurring.

If neither of these solutions work for you, please describe where you are running into trouble and we will investigate further.




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Is anybody experiencing lost of connection again