Anyone ever tried 2 seeds?

i am very interested on the outcome

wish grobo made a 2 unit option … 1 is not enough … 2 is perfect


You may want to consider moving it to a tent or pot grow!

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it is a cool experiment … worse that could happen?

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More than a single plant in the coco pod can or will:

  • compete for root space and fill up the reservoir too much, leading to stronger concentration of nutrients in solution and more chance of a nutrient lockout
  • compete for nutrients, even if both get perfect split, they’re only getting half of what was given instead of full
  • drink the water in reservoir more quickly, requiring it to be filled more often
  • have twice as much canopy to manage in the unit, which is already challenging with one plant given the growing area
  • two chances that one gets sick and passes it on to other
  • more opportunity for leaves to touch each other and cause sweating/mold/etc depending on humidity levels
  • if it turns out to be male + female that wouldn’t be good either, if male is noticed too late there’s a potential that the buds seed up, plus cleaning up the pollen
  • be stunted and not grow as fully as it would’ve had it been alone in the pot/pod, mainly due to the above

Even though that could happen, things might turn out fine but odds aren’t good that both will survive. If one dies later into the grow you may find yourself unable to separate the dead one from the live one, especially the roots.


I hope none of those thing happen that would suck but learning isn’t cheap. Also I’ve noticed these little black mosquito forming around the sponge underneath and when i open the grobo to check theres at lease 2 to 5 lil ones fying around in the chamber WTF

I just removed the smaller of the two. She was significantly smaller then her bigger sister hopefully this helps my main star grow bigger. I cant separate the roots it way to complicated and I dont wanna cut any wrong roots.


A yellow sticky mat might do the trick, it’s a good measure even if you don’t notice any.

Drying out the top of cocopod a bit more might help if you can (carefully) push it up at all, like 1/2" to 1".

Keeping the environment (water/cocopod) cooler can also help to reduce their #s and stop reproduction.

Have a look here for more info, if they look like mosquitos it might be gnats (not uncommon): [404 Error - Link Removed]

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@CafeconKush the sticky mat has been extremely great. it caught a lot of gnats/bugs for me.

This sounds like a huge problem where the hell did these things even come from ? Damn now I gotta get neem oil and some type of predatory insect to kill these guys omg what a problem

You could just start by drying the top of pod out and getting some of those yellow sticky traps, they’re only a buck or two at the dollar store / bit more on amazon. The adults should get stuck in the traps and that’ll prevent new eggs.

Neem and other stuff is probably not necessary if it’s just a few fungus gnats. The simpler thing to try is just dry the pod out a bit, cool the area off, and trap the adults.

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Did you miss anything??? Oh and a giant stock will grow right out of Grobo and through your roof and up to sky and into the clouds…if your brave enough, you could scale that stock and search for giants in the sky! See any golden eggs let us know… way :joy:


Sorry brother going with the thread…


So what was the final outcome of this experiment? Did both grow good? I have same situation and do not know to remove one or not :))

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  • (Calling Them Twins): {:baby: :baby:}:

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I was just going to ask this, about 2 seeds as I think I remember seeing on YouTube someone not using the center hole, sort of made their own 2 holes. No idea if it worked or not in the end.

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i have been adding a little nutrients

I don’t believe the Grobo is capable of two plants. The limited space doesn’t allow for more than 1. I’m in a 3x3 tent and my 2 take up a ton of space, so the tiny box should only be used for 1 plant IMO.


lmao you’re my hero. what happened.

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To early to tell I extended early veg as on on left is slacking … im adding a little nutrients … we will see


I have a tent i will likley move one into. Right now tent is in flower stage so

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