New Grobo

So I’m doing a auto white widow what recipe should I use? Also the seeds are about 3 to 4 years old, pretty sure I did a good job of storing them but just in case I put two in the coco pod do y’all think that’s OK.? The only reason why I put the second one in the pod is because I had one germinating before my Grobo got here about five days earlier and I didn’t see any signs of seed popping so I just put a fresh seed in the pod with the old one.

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You can try this or put in a ticket to ask @Stephen on his advice: :question: :thinking:


I’m guessing xxl it is.


Hey @Abelt,

Our Champion @SilverGrobo always delivers solid advice and is right on the money again! All auto recipes have that small blue A on them. The WWXXL is a great choice.

For your seeds, germinating a 3-4 year old seed will see your germination rate fall off quite dramatically. I usually see 8/10 fresh seeds pop from a good breeder, sometimes 9/10. With seeds that have been in storage for years, that can easily drop to 2/10 or less. I’d honestly try to germinate several and see what pops up.

As far as putting two seeds into one coco pod, I don’t recommend it. Especially one that is 5 days old being topped with a freshie. If the seed isn’t active, it will start to decay and have a negative impact on the new seed. (You can pull the pod open in several spots and drop a seed in each, but you will have to cull them if more than one sprouts. You only want 1 plant per coco pod.)

Good luck with your grow and let us know if anything peeks out of your cocopod with green on top!