Anubis by pyramid

Hey @Stephen

Sensations is the same strain as sense8. I believe one is a (generic hybrid) 70 day recipe and one is (generic hybrid) 100 plus day recipe but same seed. Both anubis by pyramid hybrid indica dominant.

Do we need to adjust either grow?

I highly suggest adding a lip, lisp, ledge or hook or any variation or combination of them to keep your pod from falling in due to heavy weight of roots or topside of plant. This is happening on everyone of my grows.

Also attached in the photos is some form of damage to the stalk/base of the plant causing it too collapse. Hard to notice but found about 3 solid dead leaves and decided to look further. Lights are out now so will have to suffice until I can get photos in the morning. I did fill sense8 even though didnt ask. She seemed like she needed it.

Sensations day 4

Sense8 day 1 transition to flower.


Looks to me to be another case of damping off :cry::cry:

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That can happen in transition too??

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Can happen any time during the grow. It’s dependent on how wet the coco pod is where the stem meets it​:+1::v:


Coco pod is moist but is sitting on the line or flat to the lid. There are large roots that I suspect are bringing up alot of moisture and having 30 degree plus inside the unit isnt helping. Such is the life in our city.

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Before you decide to terminate I would put in a (SupportTicket):


((#GorgeousGreenShots)): Don’t forget you can drop the coco-pod down through the lid if you need more stretch:



Why would I terminate?

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Going to try to dry her s bit tonight and then let the lights do some tomorrow. I can see the top mm of pod is a darker color.
Plant does not appear to have lost steam. So fingers crossed.


Despite it , shes still doing ok imo


Oh yeah looks super healthy wow :ok_hand:

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Yeah new green, great color, base doesn’t feel rotten or mushy. Just that bit that’s soft but the base is drying and is about 3 to 4 mm right out . Some roots receded. The humidity is high so hopefully in the stretch ahead dries out more.

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Pod still feels damp a bit not as much. Plant looks and feels solid now though.


That plant is doing great. About to stretch as I am about to paris and london.

The new one i started is the same seed batch and all but struggling. I chose a shorter generic hybrid grow period as i was reading more about the strain and wanted to see if she’d respond. Bjorn switched her back for me as she did not like that. She was/is seeing severe burn. Doing another drain and fill tomorrow morning and since I’m leaving I’ll leave the nutes unplugged.

I’ve already cut 2 leaves off.
Tag @Stephen welcome back friend.


Other plant is looking healthy and pulled through.


So back from vacation and both looking great. Added a week to the smaller for vegeation stage. Big recovery

JIC @Stephen


Nice recovery on Sensations eh @Todd.grobo?!!

I’ll provide some input though our support ticket for you.


Yeah sensations was a crazy good recovery and shes happy now.

Sense8 is starting to get bigger. Finished trimming the under part… question for @chris_barfield and @Azuri would you recommend this in one trimming or two. I have not done it to this extent on any of my successful grows yet. I can add more time now if I feel she needs it but with 22 days left in this cycle I will wait closer to then.


Grobo baby
Grobo grownup


If your doing a lot of trimming split in between days … so you don’t trick the plant into thinking it’s being attacked by something


I also must add I do a water change anytime I do major treatment