Alternative to Expensive MyPharmJar

Saw these while on Amazon last night. They don’t have a built in hygrometer like the MyPahrmJar offers, but the concept is interesting none the less.


I saw these too and bookmarked them… Wasn’t sure if it was legit or not… You gonna get them?

Thinking about it. The reviews are all pretty good. Apparently they were originally intended to be used for canning/fermenting, but some crafty people realized that they would be pretty good for curing weed.

I’m going to read through some more of the reviews tonight and possibly order some this week.

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are either worth it?
@Stephen wheres this video at? :wink:

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If anyone is the tinkering type (hint @SWSVIC) I think it would be pretty easy to make your own lid with a hygrometer and temp reading. The ones that MyPharmJar use are readily available on Amazon, they are made by JEDEW. All you’ll need is a step drill bit to create a hole big enough in the lid for the hygrometer to fit. All that would need to be done after that is use some silicone to seal it up.

I would give it a shot, but all of my kids are currently in use.


That’s some pretty good thinking… haha @SWSVIC would probably take it to the next level too.

What about good old fashioned tupperware?? Nothing burps like good ole’ tupperware! :thinking: :thinking:

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I’m sold on the MyPharmJars. They have developed something above and beyond what I feel I could piece together. That said, they are definitely a luxury and by no means a necessity.


@SWSVIC all they did was drill a hole in the lid, silicone in the hygrometer, and then rebrand it with their name. I bet with a little motivation I could find the source of their jars and lids.

Yes it’s nice, but way overpriced and much cheaper and easy to make on your own.

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There is more to it than that, the lid construction is impeccable and has an incredible “sealing system”. They clearly put a lot of time and effort into their design which I see value in.

I just did a very brief “price out” and found that when using the same quality Miron Biophotanic jars, the same hygrometer, and attempting to put together a similar lid seal, you are going to come very close to the $33 price tag. With time factored in, I simply don’t find it “worth it”.

Would certainly like to see what you come up with however, should you decide to go for it.

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Again, they more than likely used a common source for the bottles and lids. Honestly, there really isn’t anything special about them.

Tinted glass jars with plastic lids that also have a silicone seal, both of which are even available from Ball granted not the same size or color, but still.

If you like throwing your money away for something you can make for less than 1/10th the cost so be it.

The thing that got me thinking about it was the fact that all they did was slap a sticker on the bottle and jack up the price.

I have no interest in doing it, I have what I need already. I am quite content with using my Ball jars that cost me a fraction of what I paid for the one MyPharmJar I purchased. Yes, the 4 Ball jars I purchased cost less than the one MyPharmJar. Amber UV blocking glass, easily sealable lid, and enough room inside to add a hygrometer and temp monitor.

Found the company that markets the jars.


@VermontGrobo, I found the same. $30 for the jar alone, $15 for the hygrometer, and another $30 for the step drill bit, and $6 for silicon. Not even counting the “tooling” you’ve already spent more than a 1L MyPharmJar.

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Hey @Todd.grobo,

Funny thing is I actually have some of these. I’m also pulling down a run with the new CS team this week. (Harvest party)




@Angiebaby those work or spray paint the outer layer of an Pyrex Tupperware and you’re g2g.

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Not tellin what I paid :uk: :crazy_face::roll_eyes::flushed:
No I mean :flushed:!:flushed:!:rofl:!

But they do whats on the tin/jar & are well modified so happy days :blush:

Just wouldn’t mind something to put in the bloody things :roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow::rofl::sob: