Adjusting your Notification Time

Hi Growers,

We have had a couple questions about how the timing of our notifications works, so I’d like to explain that a bit.

Notifications start based upon the time you start your recipe. 24 hours after you select your strain, fill your unit and plant your seed, you should begin receiving notifications (some recipes do not have full notifications yet, coming soon!). If we have adjusted your schedule, the time we adjusted it, will be your new notification time.

When you get a notification, you can perform the action at your leisure. If the notification pops up at 2:30 pm and you are not available until 8:00 pm, no problem. Simply perform the action then. If you know you are going to be getting a drain and fill notification over the weekend and won’t be home? Perform it early and simply dismiss the notification when it pops up.

Hope this helps. If anyone wants to adjust your notification time, please email and we will get you fixed up, straightaway.



Will the nutrients still dispense if the drain and fill is done early and the later notification dismissed? I may have mis-understood this explanation on another similar thread quoted above. It’s my understanding the drain and fill notification is what triggers the nutes to be dispensed after the process has been completed and this is done once a week only. If done early only the PH gets adjusted?

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I guess the TLDR version of my question above is: If you do a complete drain and fill at any time if even before a notification, nutrients and PH balancing will be performed?

Another great question from our Champion @Azuri,

Notifications are not tied to dosing. This means every time you drain and fill your unit, you will dispense the correct nutrients and the system will balance the pH. If you drain and fill every day, you will re-dose your water with each drain/fill. Typically drain to waste systems like ours do a complete drain and fill weekly, although that can be pushed out to 9-10 days if all is going well.



Thanks @Stephen

Many forms of this question come up often so now we can pass on accurate info if it comes up again. :+1:


@Stephen, @bruno , @Chris, so since my schedule was changed, I’m now not receiving Saturday at noon notification, and not yet today. Hopefully it will show up later this afternoon, but if it doesn’t, I’ll just do the drain and fill, and dismiss the notification when it does pop up. Is there a way in the app we could do this on our own so we can time it for what works best for us? It would be so much more convenient. Thanks all


Hey @Osage,

Adding customization to our notification timing is in the plans for sure. In the meantime, shoot me a ticket at and I’ll adjust your timing for you.