Reservoir and Flowering Question

@Stephen or @Chris Question.

Question 1:
I’m expecting my plant to be drinking pretty heavly soon. I don’t believe there are any top up messages during later weeks as @Todd.grobo has mentioned. If we add say a litre of water will the unit detect and adjust PH and nutrients? I know this happens after a drain and fill but not certain if it detects new water introduced after a drain and fill.

Question 2:
We can’t see any of the reciepe details other then the obvious time change how do we know when flowering starts on our grows? Is it after a drain and fill? I like prepping and doing slow defoliation into the first three weeks of flowering, I’m not there yet but would like to know.


@Azuri, flowering starts when tour system switches the light cycle to 12 on 12 off. Veg lighting is 18 on 6 off. Hope that helps. Check out what your times say in the app under lighting.

Oh never mind, you already know that. Just reread your post and get your question. Don’t mind the peanut gallery.

@Osage No worries, if I didn’t put that in there your answer would have been bang on. :joy:

Yep and after reading it again, sorry been working on my girls so was really “focused” after a smoke, it’s a damn good question. You are correct in that we really should be able to see the recipe to think ahead. I for one would love for the full recipe to be fully transparent. Ie we see nute dose amounts and scheduling, why they use each nute and how it effects the plant, ph schedule and ppm parameters etc. my thought for this whole thing is it to be a super tutorial for the initiates as well as those of us who have experience. Instead of simply providing us with the “fish” growers need, we should be slowly teaching them how to “fish” for themselves. If we are all taught the intricacies of proper horticulture (regarding cannabis) then if something catastrophic happens we can all be confident in the education we have received and persevere accordingly. We would al still be letting the grobo do her (the teams) thing. I just think it would encourage growers to be involved on a deeper level. Just my two cents, but I’m sticking to it. Oh and what if something catastrophic did happen? Serious question!


Haha I do it all the time.

Yeah I understand both sides of the fence. Grobo caters to brand new growers and others that don’t want or have the time for hands on envolvement. Then there the experienced and advanced growers ripping their hair out not knowing anything. I totally understand they don’t want growing schedules, parameters etc being modified.

A possibility would allow a “Basic UI” or a toggle with the “Advance UI” that would have gauges, on/off alerts, PH etc etc etc. Basic UI would what we have today. I understand that the nutrient blends will remain a trade secret which ensures continued revenue for Grobo. (Smart business decision)

Yeah in short please give more experienced growers the option to see some remote tools to monitor. I check my plant often in fear of an entire nutrient bottle being dispensed by error for example. I would see an issue on the app and do a flush before the plant drinks it. It won’t be the last time this request comes up nor is it the first time it’s been requested. Patience I guess. :+1:


Agreed to an extent. I personally don’t believe growing methods are proprietary, in that all the strains we ask to have recipes for are available to the laymen and professional alike. However, there are tweaks a long time grower might make to a situation where another might not. This might be a better discussion for the next iteration of grobo. A unit wherein the grower is able to have autonomous control of the unit and all growing parameters if so desired. You could even utilize a subscription situation whereby those with less technical abilities growing cannabis could get ongoing or occasional help. Say cannabis U. Classes or tutorials, combined with execution earns the apprentice a new level. I have loads of ideas as this is my passion, always has been. Glad this site is here!!!


Maybe I’m just echoing @Azuri?

If so, great minds and all eh?

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Agreed, we have to work within the confines of the Grobo and it’s design as it currently sits in our living room. With that being said there is a ton of features that can be unlocked that are in a hidden state or under development. We’ve spoke about bulk nutrients etc. My perception of the Grobo is relativliy plug and play but with monitoring available. If I want complete hands on control I will build a full blown DWC system with all the bells and whistles.

TLDR: I doubt we’ll ever be able to tweak a recipe yourself on the Grobo One as an intended design. Monitoring the grow should be endless and educational for any level of grower. :thinking:

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Yep I get that, however I’m hoping this endeavor will ultimately teach new growers how to grow independent of the grobo. It’s a learning thing. Some people will get tired of plug and grow and will just want to grow. It’s inevitable, and if you are a grower you already know this.

100% agree. I bet there are people with a Grobo right now and seeds growing in a pot. You and I actually did it backwards we’ve grown before in some scale in the past. My setup was in a dedicated room with 6 monster plants and full blown HPS for flowering & 1000w metal halide, exhaust fans even motorized hood light shield that rotated around the room. My life situation changed, the Grobo’s LED and less power use intrigued me. I can no longer dedicate anything more then the size of a grobo or one plant.

I get it. I’m In A duplex and got the grobo so I could have a steady supply of high grade cannabis I grew (kind of a pun there but…)and not have to pay $20 + a gram. I just want this experience to be forward thinking. @bjorn


Pretty much my situation. I’m a little shocked at dispensary prices in the US. Are you by chance in the US?

About the only thing we can get cheaper in Canada then the US is weed. (Until legalization in Oct)

Yeah, I’m in Alaska. I could go to Oregon and get a lb of some of the greatest stuff for 1k but here is ridiculous, $20+ a gram! No thank you!!!

Oh and I have invested in the most well k own companies in ca. And yes I’m an American! I support your cannabis industry!

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@Azuri, to answer your questions:

  1. You can do a top up halfway between a schedule drain/fill. In this case the unit will only pH balance and will not add anymore nutrients (i.e. 3, 4, or 5)
  2. The schedule transitions on its own; I believe we used to tie it to a drain/fill command, but there was a lot of complexity around the time it took users to do it and how the recipe transitioned to flowering. I’ll have to check with @Stephen and @bruno on this one




@Osage A lb for 1k if fire geeeeeesh that’s cheap man lbs are still going for 3200 Plus out my way and what sad is most of it California garbage they dump on the east coast…

Ozs are like 250 Plus out my way and the good growers know they won’t budge on price becuase there is a lot of garbage out this way…

My girlfirend came home with a an eighth of bubba kush and when I looked at the bud it was brown the inside was browning like bud rot or something I told her literally throw it out cuz I’m not smoking it … dude said he gets it from Cali :man_shrugging:t5:

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Hi Azuri,

Great questions once again.

#1 I have a ‘fill notification’ that starts on day 66 and continues through the end of the grow to prompt you to check your reservoir levels and top up as required. The system will continue to balance pH, but does not dose additional nutes until a full drain/fill is completed.

#2 This is in the works. Just like how the notifications are slowly feeding information to all of our new growers, we will be sharing more and more ‘grow data’ over the coming months. Know that most of the recipes have similar germination & veg times in the 38-40 day range, so you can anticipate your flowering period to begin after that.