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How do I pm you guys? @bjorn

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PM=Private.Message… (Click your portrait, like Magic)

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I have just had my Grobo up and running for 6 days thanks to Steve, he was great helping me get started. My name is Steven from Nova Scotia and am having a great time with my Grobo . I’m not sure how to add a pic right now but after 5 days I have a stem with 2 leaves.






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2021 let the fun begin

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Good morning from Jersey! Had my unit up and running for 10days and it looks like I am the proud father of a little baby Bruce Banner bud I named Bwuce with a W to feminize it :rofl:
So excited to pop my :cherries: with this Grobo unit. I have done some rough outside growing through grad school and got pretty lucky. Now that I have the cash to splurge I consider myself one of the lucky ones :money_mouth_face: As a doctor who prescribed CBD out of his office and Jersey voting and being green for recreational use I have a 3000sqft warehouse space and URL’s to consider starting something bigger. Funny how I got kicked out of college for trafficking MJ at nineteen to going full circle with becoming a veterinarian, selling CBD out of my clinic legally and working slowly to maybe starting a dispensary. There is irony in life that just makes you laugh sometimes. #abundantlyblessed

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