6th grow - Cinderella-99 FAST - HARVESTED

This will be my 6th grow in the grobo. I went with a photoperiod strain instead of an autoflower this time. It’s actually a cross between C99 x Shiva Skunk.

DAY 7: Germination (Day 7 /10)



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DAY 21: Early Vegetation (Day 11 /14)


DAY 31: Late Vegetation (Day 7 /14)

Coming along nicely, going to top and trim a bit soon.


Are the tips ok like that? Almost looks like a nitrogen deficiency.

Might just be the shadow, that’s why I took a few more pics – the light reflected and made them look sickly but they’re actually looking really good.

This is probably one of my better grows so far there’s no signs of any deficiencies (yet). :crossed_fingers:

The slight yellow dot on some of the tips is probably just from the nutes increasing. It happened sooner and was more visible in past grows so I think this is an improvement.


DAY 38: Late Vegetation (Day 14 /14)

Extending late veg for one more week on this one. It’s about time for her to get a trim.


Oh yeah :scissors::scissors: :sunglasses:
Another beauty lol

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Will this be the plant’s first topping/trimming?

Yes - so far I haven’t touched her up top because I was monitoring a situation down below (brown slime) and have been busy elsewhere.

Have also been considering schwazzing right before flower since she might just be healthy enough to make it work.

POLL: Do you think I should attempt to schwazz this one?

  • Give her a light trim and just lollipop and thin the canopy as needed, that’ll be enough.
  • Let’s see what happens, go all in and schwazz’r. Better yours than mine!
  • Don’t you dare take scissors to her, she’s fine how she is and will let you know if that changes.
  • Not sure what you should do, but good luck.

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DAY 46: Transition (Day 1 /14)

Left her in veg another week and haven’t yet trimmed. Probably going to schwazz in the next day or two and then just flip it over to flower early to try to reduce any further stretching.


Those are some beefy leaves! Right on, she looks great :+1:

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DAY 51: Transition (Day 6 /14)

Gave her a trim a couple days back, still no sign of hairs yet.

This pic shows the color better, the ones above are reflecting light:

Got rid of the last bottom leaves today. Stalk is thicker than my thumb!


DAY 56: Transition (Day 11/14)

She’s still stretching and starting to get a bit closer to the light than I’d like.

DAY 57: Transition (Day 12 /14)

So I twisted her into a pretzel! :pretzel: :twisted_rightwards_arrows: Supercropped nearly every main branch. There’s still some left up top but a good amount of space has been regained.


DAY 68: Flower (Day 9/39)

Have been tempted to terminate but she might be pulling through. I should’ve reduced the veg time on this one and flipped to flower sooner.

When she hit the roof I super-cropped and entirely removed the top as well as a few branches to compensate but that seems to have caused a bit too much stress. It looks like heat stress (leaves curling inward to conserve moisture) though the temps/RH have been really good for the duration of this grow and the issues were noticed shortly after the super-cropping and removals, so I’m assuming that’s what it was for the time being.

The new growth is still looking good and it the curling seems to be slowing down. Finally pushing out the buds.


Damn she’s trying to blow the roof off eh? Lol

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DAY 75: Flower (Day 16 /39)

Have managed to get most of the buds away from the light. :pretzel: I think those leaves that are cupping/folding inward are from the cropping/training but it couldn’t be avoided. They don’t seem to be causing a problem but they don’t look right either.


DAY 89: Flower (Day 30/39)

Some of the leaves that were folding inward unfolded a bit but most look about the same. Have been pruning them off slowly as new growth comes in and it looks fine.

Will extend another week or two and see how things look. She’s budding up well but not quite there yet.

No signs of shock from the big bud which hasn’t been present for a couple weeks now. A lot of hairs and some spots in the middle are starting to stack up.

Before trim:

After trim:



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DAY 98: Flower (Day 39 /39)

I’ve been considering extending this one to let the buds fatten up a bit more but instead will let it move into flush along with the other one so I can harvest both at the same time and start my new grows sooner.

The smell is fantastic and the buds have bulked up a decent amount. Not as much as I’d hoped for but this one also went through quite a bit of stress when she hit the light and had to be decapitated after flowering had started.

It’s been hard to snap a pic of the ones in the rear (can’t get camera back there easily enough) but a lot of those buds are especially frosty: