5th grow - Jack Herer (Auto)

Will try a Quick Kush seed by Dinafem next if this NL doesn’t pop in the next 24 hours.

That particular strain (Barney’s GxG) has been really good, denser than my Canuck grows given the same growing conditions. It’s a heavier indica, though. I mostly aim to grow more 50/50 or sativa dominant; AK-47 or Jack Herer are my longtime favorites and that’s what gets exhausted the fastest around here.

From what I understand the seedsman brand are from a collective of breeders, some are good but some might not be as good so there’s a lot of variance involved in getting those. I’ve seen people have success with the seedsman NL on growdiaries but have no idea if it was the exact same genetics.

That said, I am considering adding Mephisto or Dutch Passion to the list later in the year. :calendar:


That’s my preference as well - 50/50 or Sativa dominant.

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This is my first grow ever. Jack herer photoperiod.
Currently in late veg


Wow is it ever bushy! Looking good :slight_smile:


Thank you, like I said im as green as it gets but Ive been reading as many topics on here as I can. Also, lots of YouTube videos.

I might be doing it wrong, you experts would know better, but I went with the mainline technique and I feel good so far. This is my first time posting in here so maybe I’ll add more as time goes


Should I cut the dying leaf off or is it too soon?

Day 35: 25/29 Early Veg


You can cut it off it will be fine!

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Thank you, is there a specific way to cut it, or is it fine to just cut it as close to the stem as possible?

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As long as you don’t cut into the main stem your good.



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Usually they will just rip off, thats what I do


This is what I usually do if there isn’t already a lot of foliage; just let it dry up and it’ll pull right off eventually. If in doubt just let the plant tell you when it’s done with it – which is typically good practice with autoflowers.

Deficiency problems don’t really spread like something such as mildew might, but my logic here has been If she’s taking nutrients from a leaf instead of the water then removing that leaf might cause her to draw from a different leaf instead; so if there aren’t many to spare then it’s not a good idea to cut yet.

The flip-side to that, is if she’s trying to keep dying leaves alive and not actually drawing from them anymore. There is a point where they become a drag on other growth.


Makes sense, thank you. I ended up cutting it, hopefully she responds well. I also peaked under the hood and noticed that I’ve a bunch of these nice white roots beginning to grow, but my older roots look super thin & scraggly. Should I be concerned?


If there’s new root growth I wouldn’t worry. You’ll notice issues up top before down below.

Yours should start growing more soon which should make up for the loss. Do you have an updated pic of up top, watch the new growth to get an idea of how fast it’s developing. That’s where to watch for progress (or lack of).

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Actually, after double-checking your pic (after posting, of course) I notice you’ve got a bud site with hairs?

She might already be flowering…

Taken this morning. I’m doing a water change tonight, I’m thinking about putting her into transition since I extended early veg twice already and she’s showing pistils. I know we said to wait til it fills out, but those hairs worry me :grimacing: Maybe two weeks transition will be enough for her to get where she needs to be before flower?

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Do you think it’s a sign of stress, or just genetics?

I’d ride it out if it’s only a few days until transition anyways.

That top facing pic looks better, the bud looked more mature in the previous pic but I can see in this one that it’s still just starting.

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I was planning to, but I’ve seen you guys mentioning lining up your flips with your water change. Should I leave the water unchanged if I keep it in early veg? She has 3 more days left as of 4pm today.

Btw, she’s starting to smell already … like a citrus musk lol