5th grow - Jack Herer (Auto)

This is my 2nd attempt at growing this strain in the grobo. The first was lost to root rot but I have learned quite a bit since, hopefully this one fares better!

Day 16: Early Vegetation (Day 6/14)

So far have only been feeding her distilled water + hydroguard + recharge-like formula and a touch of cal/mag. This week she’s going to start getting some additional nutes.

Expected a bit more growth by this point but am not complaining – if she wants to stay short that’s probably better in the longrun.:white_small_square:


good luck on this grow! I love the jack Herer strains I’ve tried, and am very curious to see results!


Autos behave a little differently than regs so just let them do their thing



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@stephen and @bjorn (Would be good ones to answer this question):




@Bloodydrake Jack Herer is an awesome “day strain”, it’s why I tried growing it as a first grow and have now returned to after optimizing for my environment. It’s probably my all-time favorite sativa.

I’d really like to find Charlie Sheen seeds as my choice for Indica/hybrid, preferably shipping from within Canada. It’s typically a clone-only strain and only available in some areas but (like Jack) is one of those memorable strains that hits it home consistently every time (provided it was grown well).

Have also been watching for a good hash plant strain. In that case, it is more about the flavor profile than the effects – if you’re looking for something new to try I’d definitely recommend trying a pure Afghani or (my favorite) the mix of it and NL which is known as hash plant. It’s a great “evening cigar” sort of variety, has a very pleasant taste (especially if you adore hashish). The variant from Edison (named Lola Montes) available in Canada is really good, there are a couple others available to us from other LPs too; for those in other areas I’m sure it’s available somewhere.


What lamp do you use?

DAY 35: Transition (Day 11 /21)

She’s been slow to start but picking up the pace. Also decapitated her instead of topping. :axe:




DAY 43: Transition (19/21)

I have been considering extending transition until I see hairs, but am not certain if that even makes any difference. In previous grows they were extended during the flowering phase as needed.

Anyone know if there is any change in lighting besides on/off, such as differing intensities in some parts of the spectrum, or if that phase (transition) is solely in place for photoperiods to defer the reduction in light?


Not a lot of info on that but here it tells us that stage 4 there is more red spectrum and half the light time.

Grobo’s Proprietary 8-Spectrum LEDs

Your light settings will change spectrum with each progressive stage. For stage 1, 2 and 3 your lights will be on for 20 hours a day . Your young plant will sleep for only 4 hours during these stages.

Once stage 4 (transition) arrives, the lights spectrum and photoperiod both change drastically. You will now see more red in your spectrum, and notice your lights are now on for 12 hours a day and the plant sleeps for the other 12. This is the beginning of the flowering stages 4, 5 and 6.

I’ve selected the Generic - Hybrid recipe as an example, which has 3 vegetative stages and 3 flowering stages. We have just entered the early germination stage and our little plant is 11 days old. It has another month or 27 days left to grow before we flip to 12 hours of darkness each day and start producing flowers. Our goal is to have the plant as tall as the 2nd intake fan on the back wall when it moves into stage 4.

If you top or fim your plant , add a week to stage 2 or stage 3. You will stress your plant a bit and it needs time to recover and continue it’s growth.



That’s the info I was curious about, as this is what my shift schedule screen looks like:


Note the omission of the Late Vegetation stage – that’s why I’m wondering if transition should be extended until the hairs start to make an appearance or if there’s any benefit to not extending it and pushing through to flower stage.

PS don’t forget that she’s an autoflower :slight_smile:


If she’s an auto flower then you’d be better off letting her do her thing because no matter the light change she will have a one track mind.
Maybe some of our auto growers can offer more feedback because allgrowers are notorious for pushing the limits…


@Bplatinum9 I don’t think that’s entirely true - the change in blue spectrum (at the lower end) is what I’m specifically wondering about.

@Stephen may be able to shed some light on this question. :wink:


Hope this helps until stephen can confirm!
Auto-Flowering” strains of cannabis have different light requirements than photoperiod strains

Auto-flowering varieties of marijuana don’t rely on a change in light schedule to determine when to flower. These strains (sometimes called “Lowryders” or by their species name “Ruderalis”) will finish their whole life cycle in two to three months, regardless of how much light they receive a day. See a grow journal featuring auto-flowering strains.


There’s no need to change the photoperiod for autoflowers but while they are in a vegetative state (and through pre-flowering) there may be a need to ensure they’re still getting the blue spectrum they need.

That’s why I’m wondering if they need to be held back in transition for a bit longer, until the hairs show – in this case she’s not showing any preflowers yet.


DAY 50: Flowering (Day 5 /32)

Steady as she grows!


I like all the shades of green


DAY 60: Flowering (Day 15 /32)

Making her way to the 2nd fan: :smiley:

Haven’t done any tucking or pruning yet, but will soon: :stopwatch: :calendar:

A couple of closeups:


DAY 68: Flowering (Day 23 /32)

Have been pruning from the bottom-up for the past week or so, every few days removing 2-3 nodes on each of the mains. She’ll be left to grow for a while now. :timer_clock:

This grow is especially exciting as it’s my favorite strain and the first time it was attempted things went horribly wrong from the very beginning. The first one was ended early due to “damping off”:


You and I are the only two I know who have suffered through that pain @vegetato on the forum so far! As I learned the hard way and this is more now for those who read this, leave her be!! Especially in the beginning. She’s ‘really fragile’ and think more along the lines of how she’d be doing out there in the wild. These plants are hardy and really don’t need much. Stick to training your plant when she’s good and ready. Sorry for the rant on your topic vegetato! She’s a beauty!