1st Grow

Day 4

By now I have concluded a couple of thing things. The first being that I should germinate my seeds in a paper towel from now on. The second being that humidity is going to be what I battle with. Since I use my home a/c to control the temp inside my Grobo, all the moisture in the air is getting sucked out. I am not keen on the idea of raising the humidity levels in one room too much. Any ideas on raising levels inside the unit with consistent results that will last long enough on days I’m at work.? I don’t think it gets hot enough for shallow trays of rocks and water. I did see a diffusor that attaches to water bottles. I was thinking something small like that on a timer of sorts.

Current temp is 77F and holds fine.

Humidity inside the box is 37%
Humidity inside the room is 32%

Any ideas?


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Your humidity is close go mine sna I have no issues.


Not sure what room your grobo is in but if you could close that door to that room and close off the A/C vent in that room the Grobo would raise the humidity inside a few degrees I bet. That range you have now is at the low end but should be still be fine.

Source: growweedeasy.com


Anything above 45 percent humidity in an house can cause damage to your house though. I wouldn’t suggest increasing it

Nice and easy to read graphics. Good idea @azuri. Is there one similar for heat you could throw up there as well? I don’t want to hijack your idea :joy:

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Ah what the heck, I’m bored so here is temp ranges. Hey @Azuri, tag you’re it lol:

Source: growweedeasy

image https://www.growweedeasy.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/vegetative-vs-flowering-temperature-sm.jpg


Wasn’t mine to hijack but I figure if we credit source they would be good with it. :+1:

I’ll bite. Here’s another one for those trying their luck at bag seed. :point_down:


Day 7

Well this did not work out. It is missing a leaf…wtf. Have not had it open since day 4…

This is the first time seeing the plant

Guess I am starting over. the pod was squishy wet at the surface, to much water at this point? Humidity 40% temp 77f



Hey brother,

Try soaking your bean in ro water for 24-36 hours before placing in the coco pod. Also try not to push the pod below the line it says to sit it at as the lower it sits the more water it can soak up and do the same as it did. Good luck and keep us posted



Sorry for your loss… :cry:


FINALLY have a little something going on at Day 6 in Germination phase!

Auto Fem Purple Kush and I was honestly starting to worry about her…


Amazing day 6. This is my day 16.

Shes gonna be a pain in my ass the whole way lol

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PITA or not, you’ll still appreciate the end results. That’s what it’s all about.





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Day 18. Thinking it’s time to end hey?
Ignore the bug it had to have flown in the night before.

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Naw, give the little lady a chance. Why end now?

Because she had barely grown at alm in 2 weeks. Opened her leaves up sure but no size increase…

Sometimes, our little girls are shy and slow to show themselves. Give her another week or so and see how she is then. She might surprise you :+1::v::exploding_head:


I agree. I’ve had slow starts when I was growing to put outside years ago and turned out fantastic


Hey @Todd.grobo, what does the root look like? I hate to say it but my gut says its not really taking hold…

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