1st Grow🌲 Help/Feedback Welcome :)

Novice grower, and 1st time growing with Grobo :slight_smile: Growing AK47 x Critical Mass AUTO/FEM by Bulk Seeds. Been fairly straight forward and problem-free so far. The Grobo truly does all the work.

I AM some what concerned about the height; seems to be fairly tall considering flowers have not even set in yet. And it seems late for flowers to have not set in… Here are photos taken today.

Day 52 (Flowering Stage, Day 14/32)


Hey @Le-Pouce-Vert

Great job thus far, unfortunately you’re kind of at the mercy of the genetics when it comes to autos thus you are right to be concerned about her height as you will very likely experience issues with her being too tall for the grow space. @Jamminbear you have any advice on slowing down/shortening this auto?


I would say the Dodgers line up is pretty impressive and pretty scary !



Much obliged! Ive seen your posts on other threads; we’re lucky to have such a benevolent grower in the community!


@Le-Pouce-Vert umm for 50 days from seed and no flowering signs… that’s really unheard of from the autos I have grown. Normally I would see hairs with 18-25 days. Can u tell me about this seed company. I have a feeling this might just be a fem or regular seed line that got mixed up.



i would check with support to change your lighting to 12/12 to see if it will induce flowering. Never seen an auto that does not show female parts within 3 weeks. Their website indicates 56 days and u will have bud? interesting?


@Le-Pouce-Vert Your seed is probably a fast feminized, similar grow speed of an auto but relies on photoperiod like a normal feminized seed. They probably mixed in a fast feminized with the autos they sent you. This has happened several times, usually switching the lights to 12/12 gets the flowering to start.


On a side note about true north seed bank. Out of 3 Zkittlez seeds I got from them, none of them germinated. Won’t be purchasing anything from them again, especially considering they don’t have a germination guarantee like almost every other site.


Thanks for the info man… I almost purchased with them, I don’t remember why I didn’t.

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Thanx for the feedback! Can I force the 12/12 change somewhere in the settings, or is that an ticket to support?

Gotcha :frowning: Any recommendations for alternative banks?

If you are in the U.S. there are several to choose from. @SWSVIC @Todd.grobo @Jamminbear @Bplatinum9 @chris_barfield may know of some more, here’s my short list.




Hey @Le-Pouce-Vert,

You can always email our support team over at support@grobo.io and we would be happy to help! In this case, you can force terminate your recipe under settings, pick a photoperiod recipe and then shift your schedule ahead to the flowering stage.



Adding ILGM, I’ve ordered twice from them, speedy delivery and good quality. They have a germination guarantee too, but I’ve yet to try that out.


I can personally vouch for speakeasyseedbank… they work with the actual breeder and have actual verified gear from the breeder. If your skeptical of a Seedbank- send a message to the breeder to confirm if the bank is verified by the breeder. Just form personal research and seed buying for the last couple of years. if they are selling seeds named after elite cuts such as blue dream, GDP, OG kush, Girl Scout cookies , zkittles. More likely than not your getting some thing that is not.
Current respected breeders in the industry. These are not seedbank but actual American breeders.
Brothers grimms
Meangene from Mendocino
CSI Humboldt
Riot seeds
Karma genetics
Mephisto genetics (auto breeder)
Night owl seeds (auto breeder)
Ocean grown seeds
Relic seeds
Thunderfudge genetics
Wyeast farms
Crane city cannabis
Humboldt seed company

707 seedbank


@VermontGrobo what is fast feminzed seeds ? Never heard of it

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The “fast” variants I’ve seen are photos bred with ruderalis (or another autoflower) that didn’t pick up the autoflowering trait.

They claim to have a shorter/faster growth cycle but it’s still a photo and needs to be flipped to flower.

I do kind of wonder if it’s just a way to sell seeds that didn’t turn out to be autoflowers; i.e. “it’s a feature not a defect”.

I’ve got two sets of fast seeds from Canuk (Cinderella 99 FAST fem, Bruce Banner FAST fem) and some Quick Kush from Dinafem. The c99 and quick kush lived up to the hype, haven’t tried the banner yet.


They have some of the ruderalis traits bred into them, but not enough to make them auto flower. It just makes them grow faster.

In a nutshell, QUICK strains are the fast version of classic feminised genetics . They result from the cross of a photoperiod parent, normally a female elite clone selected from a bunch of regular seeds, and an elite autoflowering female. The latter is reversed so it produces the pollen that passes the auto gene on to the cross. The result is an F1 “QUICK” hybrid that is not auto but is indeed much faster than photoperiod genetics. This is down to the autoflowering gene, which helps plants jump from the growth stage to a state of full bloom in the blink of an eye.

From Fast flowering Quick Cannabis Seeds - DINAFEM UK