1st Grow Amnesia Lemon

This is how the seed looks like.

Here is a pic.

Any suggestions?


I believe I see a tap root in there correct?

Yes it does!!! Very good news lol.
Should I extend the germination period of the recipe?

I think so yes, also be sure to gently place the small piece of coco pod back over the seed

Ok thanks!

Hi everybody, happy times. The plant has finally come out!!!



Hi Growers!
This is how the plant is looking right now. Is it normal to have the tip of the root like that? Any comments or recommendations?



Yes that is completely normal, she’ll straighten out on her own. Congrats on a successful germination!

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Looks good. Keep an eye out on your environment - temp, water temp, humidity, pH, etc.

Hi @swsvic, thanks buddy!! Yesterday saw your growing. :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::raised_hands: amazing job!!! Hope to learn much more from growers around here.

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Hi @Aang, will do!

Thanks for your tips!

Right now what worries me is the tip of the root which is a little brown and thinner than the upper part.

Any thought about that?

Looking at that picture I wouldn’t be too worried. Keep the water temp below 72 F and add Hydroguard to fight against root rot if you’re concerned about your roots.


Hi Growers! Hope you are all doing great!

I got some new pics from my growing and i was wondering if you guys have any comments. The leaves have a curvy shape with the edges pointing down. Is it normal? Any advice on this?

Thank you very much for your time and help


You’re looking just fine. :call_me_hand: pH bottles looking okay? Is the root still extending downward and pale/white?

Hi @PfreshLXG Yeap bottles are almost full all of them. The acidic bottle is the one more used and it is over 3/4 of the bottle. PH is at 6 and roots are white and growing down into the reservoir.

Do you have any idea why the leaves adopted that shape?

Thanks for your comments!!!

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I think she’s just adapting to the water my friend! Give it a bit more time. Sometimes when I’m concerned about her being dry I’ll spritz her with a little RO. Seems to perk right up after that. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for the input.

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Of course! All here to help out the cause. :muscle:

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Hi Growers,
Hope everybody is doing great.
Here is an update on how things are going. She is in the 10th day of late vegetation, and i was wondering if i should extend this stage for a week more. What do you guys think? Any suggestions about any other thing?

Thanks for your comments and have a great day!!!