1st Grow Amnesia Lemon

Hello everybody, hope you are all doing great!

This is mi first grow and today is the eight day. I am a little worried because there is no plant yet.
I was wondering if everything is ok with my grow, considering that germination period is 10 days long?
Should I change the water in my grobo even though there is no plant grown yet?

I will appreciate very much your comments about this.


Seeds can pop up to 14 days. Take a pic for us or take a peek


Thanks for your answer!

I have also put some drops of water to the cocopod every other day.

Hope this photos will help if not please let me know.


Hey @kan1979 welcome to AG and congrats on starting your first grow. I’m glad Todd requested a picture as your coco pod is sitting way to deep. The top of the cocopod should be flush with the top of the reservoir lid, not sitting down inside the whole like yours is now. Very carefully push it up from the bottom until it is even with the top of your reservoir lid. This is very important as it is currently picking up far to much moisture from the liquid in your reservoir which can cause various negative issues with your grow. Again, be very gentle when repositioning your pod, they are fragile and can break.

As for your seedling, I would let it be for a couple more days and see if it pops. If not by day 10, you can pull back the piece of coco pod that is covering it with a pair of tweezers and take a peek inside.


Ok done. How does it look?
Should I change the water?



Perfect! No you don’t need to change the water this go around unless you simply want to do it as “practice” for the future.


Great, thanks!

@kan1979 You can also germinate your seed outside the Grobo next time. I think I’m going to do that for my next grow.

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What kind is seed did u get? Breeder? I’m just curious

hey @Jamminbear, I got some Wedding Cake from Barneys, Blueberry Muffin from Humboldt, Holy Punch from Greenhouse Seeds, Bubba Kush and Gelat.OG from Seedsman. I’m going to grow wedding cake for my second grow! I might get some more seeds also haha.


Order seeds from The states…l :grinning: I stopped ordering from Barney because they just take stuff and rename it. For instance Wedding Cake is a clone only strain… Seed junky made that variety by crossing Triangle Kush x Animal Mints. The seeds were grown by Jungle Boyz and they selected plant #23 and then renamed it to Wedding cake. The seed u grow might turn out fire but don’t anticipate it to taste exactly like wedding cake that u might buy from a dispensary


Long over here dropping cold hard facts :100::joy:


:joy: I looked for Cup winning strains and picked 2 of them. I would love to try some autoflowering or fast seeds sometime!

These seeds look interesting - Stated to only need 1-2 weeks of flowering time. But of course flowering time may be longer in the Grobo machines.

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Cost benefit ratio @Aang, auto/fast can be great… but photo has been tried and true. Little more time for much more yield.

That being said if you’re looking for grow quickly just to sample around, DO IT! :muscle::raised_hands:


I got 3 n a half ounces of my auto more than a lot of you got off a photo period so don’t think those are facts my friend😀



I got them from seed supreme and the breeder is Barneys farm.

Yes just saw that in YouTube. Will do next time. Thanks for the advice.

This is how the seed looks like.

Here is a pic.

Any suggestions?


I believe I see a tap root in there correct?

Yes it does!!! Very good news lol.
Should I extend the germination period of the recipe?