1st Grow Amnesia Lemon

Hi @miami5th,
Sure thing, I will update in a week.
I already extended for 7 days.


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Hello everyone!

Here is an update after a week.
She has 41 days and 4 more of late vegetation.
Should I let her go to transition? Please any suggestions are welcome.

@miami5th @SWSVIC @SilverGrobo @Aang

Thanks for the comments!!!


I would definitely extend your late veg another week and reassess then. You want the plant to be at least to bottom of that 2nd fan. It may be a good time to trim some of the bottom fan leaves that aren’t getting light anymore. That may help the plant stretch up a bit quicker too. Otherwise looking really healthy!


I agree. I would remove all of the massive fan leaves now, and then extend a week allowing her to recover. Reassess and either extend again or shift if you feel she is at the right height. The day before shifting to transition give her her first lollipop defoliation, allow her to stretch for about 3 weeks then perform your final lollipopping as soon as she stops stretching.

Check out this awesome defoliation tutorial:


Thanks @SWSVIC and @Chad_Johnson.

This si how she looks after some defoliation. I didn’t cut more because i literally don’t have any clue of what is right and wrong. Lol…

How do you see her? Should I cut her more?

Again thanks for your comments.


It’s your grow and you should only do what you feel comfortable with. If it were mine I would remove the remaining extra large fan leaves that are below the top 3 nodes. Do not remove more than 20% of total plant material in a single session. Allow for a few days of a week recovery time in between trimming sessions.


To clarify, I am not saying remove all leaves below the top three nodes. Only the very large ones. There are probably 4 or so left on your plant that can go. Again only if you feel it’s the right thing to do.

I took away like 5 or 4 big leaves that were in the lower nodes.
Will post in a few days to show how it is going.
I still have 4 more days on late veg; I decided to wait until the last day of this stage to extend one more week or not.

Thank very much for everything @SWSVIC. :love_you_gesture:t2:
Your grow has been a great guide on gadgets and what to do.


Hi everybody,

Here is an update
Day 47, she is in late vegetation for 4 more days and the going to transition.

Please fill free to give any advice.



She looks perfect. Plan to do your first lollipop defoliation the day before you flip to transition. Then give her about 3 weeks to finish stretching and then perform your final lollipop defoliation. Don’t take more than 20% of plant material per trim session. After your final lollipopping only remove large fan leaves that are blocking buds.