1st attempt take 2!-POP

Here we grow again!!! This time I germinated in a bowl of water (white- won’t do that again!- root blends in with bowl, ha!, even under magnifying glass, after nearly 48 hrs riot was as big as seed, I just couldn’t see it until I picked it up to plant).

Day 4 of germination, since planting, and pop!! I could see last night that she was so close. A side view (no pic) showed the sprout pushing up through the coco. This morning…

:seedling: :seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling:


Good stuff! I was just wondering how your new try was going…

Woot woot!


Already growing like a “weed”! :joy:

So I just peeped in on the little bean and went :scream: Why are you looking black instead of bright green? I have a a fan blowing air straight up to try to keep the temp down in there a little bit and thought maybe that was disturbing her. Nope. it was the seed casing!

So I went to see if it was loose, yes. One side came off very easily, just touched it with my tweezers. BUT, it still looks like it has some of the good white stuff on the inside of it, so maybe it wasn’t ready to be knocked of!! :scream:



Hard to say if it was ready or not, but honestly I think you’re gonna be fine! I took mine off after a day or two half way like you did and she turned out okay. Looked pretty similar to yours.

I had to download and zoom into the pic to get a good look :slight_smile:

Isn’t it cool how they pop out like a snake?


Check this video out of a Cannabis Seedling Timelapse, it’s pretty awesome to see how they wiggle, and also, not all seedlings have the seed hat attached. I felt happy I got to see one like that and do a little surgery, little added bonus


I can’t believe what she’s done in just hours!!! So cool!! I keep looking back at other pic trying to identify the seed and I just can’t lol.

Whole floor humidifier in bedroom next to grobo only gets humidity up to 35.
Bought a room one, been playing with it.
Had it here, aimed angled at the wall, got up to 64 but condensation on electrical stuff.

Tried on top, didn’t get great levels but got condensation inside and outside of grobo.

Now here. Getting 40.

Probably going to end up in a cooler room anyway and going to have to reconfigure things anyway, but until then… is my humidity okay?

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Yes last night when I saw a little something just peeping (should’ve snapped a pic) you could only see it from the side just pushing the coco, and it was still bent. :hugs::hugs::laughing::laughing: My very first thought was… I KNOW you’re right side up :top:! :crazy_face::joy::joy:


how about just putting a small tupper wear in there with a wet towel in it and put it inside the grobo?

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Hey Angie,

Congrats on your successful germ! The seed casing may have already fallen off on its own however if it still stuck on your seedling go ahead and drop a few drops of water on it. Ads a bit of lubrication allowing your girl to shake it off a bit easier.


Thanks @Vicc, I forgot how good that works. Buy a new humidifier and expect all to be well, lol!

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First issue? Could I be looking at the start of damping off? It wasn’t looking dark near the pod yesterday.

I put a small fan on her, as you can see, well I suppose you can’t since it’s not a video, lol, but the fan is on the lowest setting causing no lead movement or anything. I did actually try pushing pod up. OMG, so what’s the trick to that? It’s tough enough stuffing a pod in there but trying to push it up?? While being uber gentle?? There has to be a trick.
Or could I jump to early veg since I have a plant? Many go into early veg with small babies or nothing…???

Or does she look fine? Yes I’m going to pester you guys nonstop. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart::heart::heart::innocent:

Oh here she is yesterday evening standing straight and lovely :star_struck:


Try keeping an eye on your RH, as the mini fan may cause the RH to dip low. Right now your plant will appreciate higher RH

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I was too scared to move my pod up the first time. I went from the bottom and it felt like it didn’t wanna move and I had roots at the time so I was scared.

Once my fear of damping off became more real, I got the courage to push a little harder and it slid up pretty easily with some added pressure.

The first time I moved it up, I moved it from the top side by grabbing ahold of the sides and pulling up, that worked a bit, but next time I’m going straight for the bottom up.

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I don’t think it’s damping off yet… looks perfectly fine to me. Does not hurt to move the pod up but I would probably wait until there was roots down in the water, moving the pod up is only going to make it harder for the roots to get water I would think? I don’t know exactly on this one!


@pyromancy you are correct. I would wait until the roots are closer to the water before pushing it up.


Thank you both @Vicc and @pyromancy. I took the fan off, I do have a wet paper towel in there, actually it’s a wash rag… doesn’t seem to work as well as the paper towel so next trip upstairs I’ll have to remember to grab some. The one I had, I used to blot the pod, idk why it feels SO wet this time.

I did try pushing the pod up again, from both directions. Scared!! Broke off part of the bottom of the pod. About a square 1/2" worth I’d guess off a corner of the bottom. So I went with my gut to dry out the pod a little and jumped ahead to day 1 of early veg to lower the water level and turn on the fan in the grobo, so air isn’t hitting the leaves or the pod directly. Water would be lowered in 2 days anyway and now I’ve got some fresh hydroguard and nutrients in there splashing up, from just a tad further away.

I’m very relieved to hear she looks okay. It’s very disheartening watching a bright green stem turn so dark!

I figure if I need to, I can always add more water manually, correct?


Yes that is correct, keep an eye out for leaves yellowing now since the nute dosage has increased since she entered early veg. If needed, add extra water into the res (about a cup or 2 will do)


but to be honest, she looks a bit small to be in veg. she looks like she should be a seedling still if that last photo you posted is her current size.

Seedling = plant focusing more on root growth
Veg = plant focusing more on body growth

This is what my plant looked like when she first entered Early Veg: I am afraid the nutes may be too much for her at that size. I would give her a few more days, staying in germination longer isn’t a bad thing. If you look at other growers who grow outside the grobo, after germination, their seedlings are much bigger before getting started with veg.


This is right now, she is just a baby seedling, and the top of the pod is starting to finally feel closer to what I think the proper level of moist is. I think.

I can go back to germ too, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her alive and well. I even promised her a song! Know any good growing tunes? :musical_note:


I feel going back to germ for a few more days is the right move. You can bump her back to veg in a few days right before your next water change.

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