100% Organic Balcony Grow (First Time)

:joy: We have coffee, we have Netflix and we are prepared to destroy our hands. We will 100% suffer :handshake:

(I haven’t told my friends how long it took to just trim my little Grobo recently harvested).


I saw that!! It was great!

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Dont tell them up front lol.


Amazing bro, the balcony aspect adds an increased level of difficulty and you’re crushing it. :facepunch:


Appreciate the words brother, this balcony would be fully climate controlled if you got your hands on it! haha.


:joy: automate all the things


Day 116

Fought off some Powdery Mildew. It took over a lower branch (very small) and about a dozen or so leaves. I cleaned or removed (cut) completely what I felt was mildew. I first noticed it on some other plants on my balcony.

I took some stress off the plant and just chopped it off. Rather she focus on flowers than healing some tiny stem.


I have been committed to a sunset foliage spray of Boogie Brix. But with the cooler temperatures, higher humidity, and low winds, it’s a prime time for Powdery Mildew! I suggest NOT to Foliar spray if you feel the evening temps will be too cool.

Foliar spray before sun down is scientifically more effective in addition to spraying the underside of the fan leaves and be careful not to soak the leaves.

You must balance this act with the weather!


What a yield this is going to be! Trying to estimate feels like that game with the jar of candy :candy:


it’s looking awesome man. great job

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Corrected Day: 111 (from June 4 to present)

Because of the cooler temps and high humidity, I’ve held off on any Foliar spray at this point. Obviously, Powdery Mildew is prone to certain genetics: ChemDog being one of them. White widow has zero signs of the fungus.

Great learning experience regarding understanding genetics relative to your climate and inputs.


Each year i learn something new that benefits outside grows like you its a nice learning experiment
Wish both the ones i had werent males they would have been decent harvests.
Do you not have any bugs at all?

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Agree Todd, and I constantly learn from this forum too.

Around June 10-20th, I had a bad case of spider mites. I read Neem oil was a decent organic solution, but further discovered it could be a leading cause of CHS. I personally feel early use of Neem during Veg is totally fine, but would avoid during any flowering.

I’m up in Toronto, we’re having mild/cool weather this week and the bugs are everywhere; except my plants. Perhaps a result of good air movement? Or luck?

There is a small case of gnats in the soil, but super minor and usually takes one day of drying the soil to eliminate completely.


Your lucky. We had snow up till may. When i pulled them down noticed one had mites starting. I had a massive slug problem this year in my garden and am constantly fighting something as we live across from fish creek park and bow river in calgary.
Its been a challenge for sure because every year its different. And that damn city light !
Ive got some modifications coming for my garden to cover it officially and not temporarily. I hope to use that to my advantage next year. Love seeing the plants in Ontario grow they definitely love your weather


Day 122:

I’ve chopped about 1oz (dried) of stems (9) that needed to be removed ASAP due to powdery Mildew. When this grow is complete, I will summarize my experience with PM, HST, Scrogging, Organic Grow etc to better help the next person!

2-3 more weeks for White Widow (she is so healthy, lots of white pistols. The white residue on both plants is dried 2% milk used in the Powdery Mildew stoppage. This has been a nightmare!

1-2 weeks for ChemDawg, unless PM sparks up again. Stinks like DIESEL :slight_smile:

Many lessons learned - the most important: choosing the right genetics. Each plant behaved differently from training to feeding to transition into flower. ChemDawg is prone to mold / PM, and she followed exactly as promised! White Widow is strong, balanced, and has been resistant to PM (almost).

With PM at high risk, I decided to do a rolling harvest (ChemDawg) to prevent further spread and save the crop.

The bud in my hand is the largest of the smallest bud’s from the plant. For reference, I’m 6’2 and wear XL gloves.

Despite chopping 9 stems over 3 days; it never once shocked the plant. Only damage is a snapped main stem from excessive winds last week, unrelated to the early removal.

Grobo is drying the small stuff (it will be tough to fit ONE of White Widows largest stems in the Grobo. The balance of drying will be done in my brand new WeDryer XL


Good to see. Heard snow / etc was headed your way so figured you might be finishing up.


Day 124:

7-10 more days of flushing, and they are near ready for chopping. The milk/water spray I can confirm: worked! Anyone fighting powdery mildew, it’s best to practice preventative measures first, but if all fails this is a sure safe path to saving your harvest!




Day 133:

FINISHED! 18 hours, 2 plants: lotta weed.:tired_face:

I scored the buds on a scale for trimming purposes:

A - Large Cola
B - Medium Cola
C - Small Cola / Buds
D - Larf / Difficult Trim (immediately frozen)

Weights - D GRADE - Frozen

318g — Chem Dawg (frozen for bubble hash)
155g — White Widow (frozen for bubble hash)

Weight - A,B, C GRADE - Hang Dry

___ g — Chem Dawg
___ g — White Widow

Any honest guesses on total dry weight in the Grobo?

These buds are rock solid :upside_down_face: keep in mind, I’ve early harvested 1.5oz of dry cannabis due to an early PM issue.

What a journey, thank you for letting me share!




Congrats on your harvest! Awesome grows! Buds look nice and thick.