You are amazing! How can we keep making the AG community better?

The past few weeks have been incredible as so many more Grobos come online and more people have joined the discussion here. Another 75 units shipped this past week so look out for some new growers joining us on AG!

If you have any ideas for how we can continue to make this better, please let us know. A couple things we are working on already:

  1. We are hiring a full time customer support specialist to make sure we can answer your questions ASAP. Please bear with us as we find and onboard this person. (We hired someone a few weeks ago but they couldn’t provide the level of professional support we require so this is not as quick of a search as expected.)

  2. You will see that some members are tagged as Champions. We are still fleshing out exactly how this works, but we want this to be your community where anyone can post about anything growing related (not just about Grobo!). To make that happen, we want to get community members involved as moderators, mentors, and more. Champions are here to help everyone feel welcome and to keep this a safe and organized place for open discussion. We will continue to define these roles over time.

If you have any ideas for improvements, please share them here!

Thanks for being part of the AG family :slight_smile:


@bjorn a full time support specialist will be a great addition!
I love watching you guys grow as a company.

This forum has been pretty good so far, but would definitely benefit from a bit of organization to make it easier for people to find things/help if need be.
There have been some common “help me” themes running through many different threads, but the nice thing is this community always helps no matter if it’s been said before!



@rainstorm3 - Totally agreed that it needs a bit of tidying up. I showed @Stephen how do this this last week and I want to create some training so that Champions know how to do it too. Stephen is on vacation this week but once he’s back the clean-up will begin!


Everything’s been good so far. My only request might be a bit of work for you but would be amazing.

Have a link on here that links to show all strains currently in grow in grobo units around the world and day of growth. Would be neat to see as a general idea the different grow times with markers indicating vegetation stage, flowering stage, etc


how about those of us that haven’t received our Grobo and have been waiting since Aug. 2016? it is tough achieving the rank of champion without the unit itself.

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@Todd.grobo That would be a super cool idea. There are some privacy issues there for sure though. On our side we don’t even track the locations of any units, we only know the email address associated with a particular unit. Definitely something to keep in mind though. On Black Friday Shopify live streamed the transactions going through their platform which is a similar idea that was amazing to watch.

@Captain_Blaze Please DM me and we’ll check on your order!


@Captain_Blaze I don’t even k ow how to become a champion … I think it’s hand selected but I don’t know what requirements are


We’re working on creating more precise guidelines for Champions and better outlining what the levels mean as well. @stephen is leading this but is on vacation this week so more will happen in the next few weeks!


I would venture to guess it is a level attained in the forums, and considering all I have to talk about is the fact that I am waiting for almost 2 years (paid in full since 03/17) and still have no Grobo.

I doubt that qualifies as “champion”

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@Captain_Blaze I would say it’s more participation than anything else cuz there’s nothing you can do about them not sending the grobo yet… but to be honest I’d look at positively since all the intial bugs have been kind of worked out … you won’t fave the same issues we did !!


I really don’t mind testing things. I signed on in August of 2016 for that exact reason. to get in on the ground floor of a new and exciting life product. It hasn’t turned out that way (in my instance)

Is it not legal in your country or state? @Captain_Blaze

Kinda off topic from above, but I would love to know all the light patterns and their meaning. The little led on the front of the door. I never know if it is actually connected to my WiFi. What should the light be when it is connected? Right now it is a light blue color that blinks slowly every 3 seconds


Hey @Osage you can find the glossary for the Grobo LED colour and their meanings Here


Thanks girl, you rock!!


from my understanding it is not illegal to grow tomatoes in the United States


Hell of an expensive tomato grow :joy::scream::moneybag:


regardless of that fact I ordered August 2016, paid in full by March 2017 and still no Grobo.

I feel your pain! But I am sure bjorn et al will get you sorted shortly. Have faith.



it appears the sun is shining again…

I just had an update to my Grobo page and it shows I am in "final assembly:. If all goes well shipping at the end of the month.

Thank you to all who had kind words while I aired my gripe on the forum and to whom ever at Grobo Inc. got the ball rolling again, thank you also

now it is time to get heavily acquainted with the set up and use instructions