Yellow / Brown leaves at base (Day 25)

Hey growers! First time grower here and it’s looking great so far. I left town for a week (swapped out water day I left) and came home to a much larger plant but some yellowing on the lower leaves. I’m assuming the nutrient levels might be out of whack so I submitted a ticket to ask about it.

Any insight? Just swapped out the water again and everything seems fine above the bottom sets of leaves. Hoping it’s normal or can be fixed easily.

Thanks in advance!

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Just trim those leaves if u haven’t trimmed anything yet. That’s the first set that no longer get light. It will be good for stem to get some air under there. Make sure new growth looks good and your all set.


Post a pic or two of the new growth and like DanTom said, keep an eye after the trim.

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Thanks guys! Photo attached of the new growth above the yellowing leaves. Looks good to me! Trimming the lower leaves now. Any advice otherwise? Thanks!


CNt quite tell, but you can top her if you haven’t :+1::v:

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